Artists make their own merchandise to expand music

Enrique Camacho, Staff Writer

Buying merchandise produced by beloved musical artists has been a big part of the music fan culture. After physical sales like CD’s started to go down because of streaming services like Spotify and Apple music rising up in popularity and usage. It Affected the revenue of an artist.

This caused the artists to find new ways to increase revenue and boost albums sales. This is by making their own clothing brand and selling it as Merch. Most artists today have done this or have collaborated with other brands. It’s a way to branch out and use their status to grow their brand and make more money.

Kayne West, Pharell Williams, Young thug, and A$AP Rocky are some artists that have their own brands. Kayne West has his own brand known as YEZZY which has been very popular for some years now. Pharell has Billionaire Boys Clun and Young Thug with his own brand SPIDER that he just announced. In an interview, he says, ” creating clothes is something that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time but I wasn’t able to and becoming an artist gave me a chance to do it because of my fans,”.

“Now I’m able to live out my dream and create clothes, menswear, womenswear, and unisex. I’m being able to create what I wanted to do. An artist’s merchandise is very significant because it is not always about making money.

Items with a logo or name are about much more than just making a few extra bucks. It’s about extending an artist’s brand through a global program of different consumer products. It’s important to be a prominent marketing vehicle and being able to build up your brand.

When a fan of an artist is wearing their shirt, hat or any merchandise with their logo on it, it’s usually seen by a lot of people, A lot of artists take time into the clothes they make and make stuff that they would actually wear because it’s something that represents them and their image. The ability for fans to physically experience an artist’s brand is powerful, and musicians are thinking carefully whenever they create a new item, or even when it comes to launching a location, such as a pop-up shop containing their merch.

A piece of merch by an artist is special and fans will always buy it to represent their love for that specific artist.