TOP 5 Off-campus lunch Reasons


Brandon Llanos

Why we should be able to go eat of campus 

  • 1: reduces how many students are in the courtyard/cafeteria 
  • 2:many students don’t like the food and go the whole day without eating so its beneficial to them being able to eat something throughout the day 
  • 3:less stress or anxiety on the kids for being around so many people                                                    
  • 4:it can be a way to see which students are responsible enough 
  • 5:not let all students go. let the responsible ones have a chance 

Why we aren’t able to go out and eat off campus 

  • :irresponsible students may go out and eat and not come back or may waste their time and come back late to their classes 
  • :we risk more opening to covid 
  • : students may abuse their privileges 
  • :fear of students skipping school
  • :students may lie about their destination/with who and where there going             


A contract/google forms/QR code like in the lunch tables. To trace where the students are going and with who.

The school should have some type of discipline system for the irresponsible students that:

  1. Do not come back on time.   
  2. Do did not come back to SCHOOL/SKIP. 
  3. Dont sign/fill the google forms or whatever system we are going to use   
  4.   Who are irresponsible students   
  5. And students without permission