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FootballFri, Nov 05 San Marcos28-49L
San Marcos28-49L
FootballFri, Oct 29 Lake Travis6-56L
Lake Travis6-56L
VolleyballTue, Oct 26 Austin0-3L
VolleyballFri, Oct 22 WestLake 0-3L
WestLake 0-3L
FootballFri, Oct 22 Westlake6-55L
VolleyballTue, Oct 19 Hays 0-3L
Hays 0-3L
VolleyballFri, Oct 15 Bowie 0-3L
Bowie 0-3L
FootballFri, Oct 15 Bowie6-51L
VolleyballTue, Oct 12 San Marcos0-3L
San Marcos0-3L
VolleyballFri, Oct 08 Del Valle2-3L
Del Valle2-3L
FootballFri, Oct 08 Del Valle21-76L
Del Valle21-76L
VolleyballTue, Oct 05 Lake Travis0-3L
Lake Travis0-3L
VolleyballFri, Oct 01 Austin0-3L
FootballThu, Sep 30 Austin20-18W
VolleyballTue, Sep 28 West Lake 0-3L
West Lake 0-3L
VolleyballFri, Sep 24 Hays 0-3L
Hays 0-3L
FootballThu, Sep 23 Hays44-27W
VolleyballTue, Sep 21 Bowie0-3L
VolleyballFri, Sep 17 San Marcos0-3L
San Marcos0-3L
VolleyballTue, Sep 14 Del Valle3-1W
Del Valle3-1W
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Upcoming Games

Girls BasketballTue, Nov 30 7:00Round Rock McNeilMcNeil
Round Rock McNeilMcNeil
Boys BasketballTue, Nov 30 5:15Crockett
Girls BasketballTue, Dec 07 8:00Hays Hays
Hays Hays
Boys BasketballTue, Dec 07 8:00TravisAkins
Fri, Dec 10 8:00AustinAustin
Boys BasketballFri, Dec 17 5:30Leander GlennAkins
Leander GlennAkins
Girls BasketballTue, Dec 21 8:00Del ValleDel Valle
Del ValleDel Valle
Boys BasketballTue, Dec 21 6:00Del ValleAkins
Del ValleAkins
Girls BasketballTue, Jan 04 8:00BowieAkins
Boys BasketballTue, Jan 04 6:00BowieBowie
Girls BasketballFri, Jan 07 7:00WestLake Westlake
WestLake Westlake
Boys BasketballFri, Jan 07 8:00WestLake Akins
WestLake Akins
Girls BasketballTue, Jan 11 7:00Lake TravisLake Travis
Lake TravisLake Travis
Boys BasketballTue, Jan 11 8:00Lake TravisAkins
Lake TravisAkins
Girls BasketballFri, Jan 14 8:00San MarcosAkins
San MarcosAkins
Boys BasketballFri, Jan 14 8:00San MarcosSan Marcos
San MarcosSan Marcos
Girls BasketballTue, Jan 18 8:00Hays Akins
Hays Akins
Boys BasketballTue, Jan 18 8:00Hays Hays
Hays Hays
Girls BasketballFri, Jan 21 8:00AustinAustin
Boys BasketballFri, Jan 21 8:00AustinAkins
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