Student finds job at shipping company to earn money

DHL is a shipping company. Daymien started working there in April.

Courtesy of DHL

DHL is a shipping company. Daymien started working there in April.

Daymien Velasquez, Staff writer

I currently work at a warehouse for the DHL shipping company. It’s like UPS or FedEx, but it is mostly used by businesses.

I started working there in April right after the coronavirus pandemic closed down a lot of jobs. Before that, I worked one day at a fast-food restaurant and didn’t like it so I was glad to get the job at the warehouse, which is located at the airport. It’s not a job where there is a lot of contact with other people so the safety requirements for avoiding the spread of COVID-19 are not too bad.

We just have to wear face masks, but it’s not as bad as some other places where employees have to follow more rules. We also have to wash our hands constantly because we are touching so many boxes that come from all over the world. This summer, I worked 60 hours a week with shifts lasting from 4 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. on Mondays. On Tuesdays-Fridays, I typically worked from 10 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. I sometimes went during the weekend for a couple of hours, mostly on Sundays.

It’s a good job for me because they have a good pay rate and they need a lot of help most of the time and you can sometimes learn new things that can benefit you for the future. For example, the forklift I drive at my station requires a special license to operate it, and also x-ray machine to scan packages you’ll also need a certification for that as well at the time being I’m taking training for an x-ray machine and eventually if you like you could end up going to TSA higher pay rate and more responsibility.

It can be hard to manage both work and school because I need time to do more of my school work since I work so much yet still working part-time. I am looking forward to working and returning to a more normal life because I’m tired of wearing a mask everywhere I go. I constantly forget it inside the car when I go out, and I want more places to open up again since I miss going out with the boys.