Construction makes temporary pain for longterm gain


Robert Ramos

A constuction worker lifts a tub of cement onto his ladder to con- tinue laying bricks. The new weight room is expected to be done around the start of the second smemester.

Robert Ramos, Staff Writer

The opening of the 2019 athletic season started with some temporary pain for what coaches and players hope will be long-term gain.

For many years, coaches and athletes have struggled with a weight-lifting room that is too small for the number of athletes who need to use it. But the recent bond issue approved by voters in 2017 allowed construction to move forward for a dedicated weight-training room that will give all athletes more opportunity to work out.

“Working out in a small weight room it gets really crowded and hot so easily,” football player Ryan Garcia said.

Wrestling Coach Roy Tambunga said the expansion will help improve access to training equipment.
“The athletes want to lift weights but since there are so many people in a small room they all can’t lift weights at the same time,” Tambunga said.

While coaches and athletes are focused on the long-term gain, some students said the construction is causing some problems. Students who have classes in the portables are typically getting to class one or two minutes late and have trouble getting to their busses at the end of the day.

Currently, students are forced to walk through a small gate that separates the portables from the rest of the school. A large number of students trying to get through the gate going in both directions causes a bottleneck in the traffic flow, causing students to have wait to get through.

I do think it is worth the trouble because if we have two weight rooms then a lot of athletes will improve even more and everyone has a chance to work out.”

— football player Ryan Garcia

Students said they can’t wait until the construction is over so they can get to class on time.

“They should not make us go get a tardy pass if we are going only to the portables unless we are (more than) 5 minutes late,” sophomore Juan Pineda said. “The construction is so annoying. I am so used to walking through the middle gate and catching my bus early,” Pineda said.

Despite this, Assistant football coach Tony Degelia said the construction is a much-needed addition to the gym.

“We made adjustments to our small gym which has benefited the athletic department as well as our PE department,” he said.

“Athletic facilities increase the attendance of athletes, the participation of athletes and also helps as far as their ability,” Degelia said.
Garcia shared his sentiment.

“I do think it is worth the trouble because if we have two weight rooms then a lot of athletes will improve even more and everyone has a chance to work out,” Garcia said.