WiiU set to release during holiday season

Mark Vallejo, Entertainment Editor

Nintendo started with the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) in 1985. It changed millions of lives with the introduction of entertaining and addicting games. 2013 has arrived and there have been multiple new systems in the 28 years since. The newest edition from Nintendo is the WiiU, which was released in November.

When I first saw it I thought it looked so amazing, so much fun, and that it was such a promising system. Most people, who haven’t played it, always judge the system before they interact with it.

There’s a Basic Set that includes the system, game pad, and wires for $300. The Deluxe Set, which I would prefer, includes the system, game pad, wires, a cradle for the game pad, a charging cradle, two stands for the system, and the game Nintendoland to help introduce the game pad and how its used.

With its new feature, the WiiU Game pad, you can play the game without using the television screen. On some of the games, you can actually play on the Game pad without having to turn the system off.

The Game pad includes a headphone jack, volume control for the game pad, two built in speakers, motion sensor, touchscreen, front facing camera, microphone, + control pad, analog sticks, A, B, X, Y buttons, L and R buttons, ZL, ZR buttons, and a home button.

The “TV” button that’s on the game pad is actually really useful. When you click it, it opens a menu that has buttons to press like changing the channel or adjusting the volume, a guide, menu, dial pad, enter, and power buttons. I use it all the time when I just don’t feel like getting up from my bed.

A new feature called Miiverse, is really helpful when you are stuck on a certain part of a game you can post a status for help or you just want to connect with other players all over the world. You can post things like statuses, screen caps from the TV or Game pad, or want to draw something. There are actually amazing drawings that you can find on there.

The front facing camera is actually really cool. With friends that you add from Miiverse, you can video chat with them or on games such as ZombieU, there’s a feature in the game that can use the camera and turn your face into a zombie.

An HDMI outlet on the system has finally been introduced. All of the games now look really crisp clear, which is really awesome.

So with everything the WiiU has we can tell that Nintendo has really stepped up and created a whole new system with features that no one has seen before.