Can Hyper Scape Make A Comeback?


Hyper Scape, a free to play first-person shooter battle royale game, has suffered the boom and bust of so many other similar games of its type.

The game, which launched on all platforms on August 11, was a success when the alpha/beta was out. The difference between Hyper Scape and other battle royale games is it’s a fast-paced environment with abilities called “hacks.”

When Hyper Scape came out, players enjoyed the game due to its robust weapons and the variety of hacks that players could chose to fit their play style. The “Death Machine” was a good weapon , especially on PC, as well as other weapons like the “Riot” and the “Harpy.” These weapons made players powerful against other enemy players with the combination of the games fast-paced movement, making it a fun experience. 

Another addition to the game was the Crown Rush mode, where players must capture the crown that spawns near the end of the match. Players who pick up the crown must hold onto the crown for 30 seconds to win the match.

Sadly, now, Hyper Scape is dying. Players are not playing the game as much anymore. Every lobby is almost empty with about 45 players or fewer. Ubisoft, the game’s developer, hasn’t updated the game too much after the beta. The only updates they put out were changing the weapons, hacks, and aim assist, which, in my opinion, made the game worse.

Can Hyper Scape make a comeback?

It is possible to get the game up again but it does depend on Ubisoft on how they would do it. They would have to make the game good again by returning to the features that made it fun in the first place. They would also need to invest some time and money into advertising the game on streaming and social media platforms. 

Ubisoft only advertises the game on Twitch and barely on any other platforms. There were only a few Twitch streamers that were sponsored by Hyper Scape but they had a small audiences so it didn’t have a big impact in promoting the game.

There is some precedent for streamers popularizing games and making them popular, again. Among Us, which has taken the world by storm recently is two years old and just started taking off in August.

The game does have the potential to come back in the future but I don’t see it coming back mainly because games do eventually die from the lack of players playing it and moving on to newer and more popular games.. One thing that they could do now is add some special  holiday events. For example, this Halloween, Ubisoft added a holiday update for Halloween and it brought a handful of players back to try again. 

If Ubisoft keeps making holiday events with better ideas in the future, new and old players could come back, similar to what happened with the Call of Duty: Warzone Halloween update.