Players disappointed with history of Call of Duty bugs



While playing Call of Duty: Warzone, guns will suddenly glitch taking up the majority of the screen and making it difficult to play. Problems like these have plagued Call of Duty for years, frustrating players when they are not fixed.

We’ve all been there. You just helped your team dominate the lobby, making you feel like you are the king of the world.

And then the system pulls you into a different grouping based on skill-based matchmaking and suddenly it’s as if you are playing in a competitive esports tournament. Everyone seems to be better than you, it’s an endless cycle of doing one good game then getting slapped around the next.

Call of Duty as a franchise has been going downhill ever since Call of Duty Advanced Warfare in (2014) with “advanced movement.” Except for when they block off a lot of the maps with invisible barriers. It first started with supply drops that players could spend real money on, giving you a small chance to get a weapon variant that is better than the original versions that non-paying players used.

This supply drop continued until Modern Warfare Remastered. When Modern Warfare (2019) was released, it was replaced with a “battle pass system” similar to what’s found in Fortnite. With the release of Warzone, Call of Duty’s battle royale style game, the battle pass weapon variants gave players an advantage over other players and some skins made it harder for enemies to spot you.

In recent years, Activision seems to be taking a profit-over-quality approach to its games. When a new game is released, there are tons of glitches, a pitiful number of maps, and the same skill-based matchmaking. One game you could be doing incredibly well, the next, you get put into a game full of players who are either incredibly good at the game, or people who use the most broken weapons in the game. And sometimes you get the worst of both situations at the same time.

While this game was in development, there was a lot of controversy around Activision and internal issues. The state of California sued Activision over sexual harassment of female workers and unequal pay. The Los Angeles Superior Court described it as a “frat boy” culture. Activision also hired testers and after they finished testing the game they fired them and didn’t seem to fix anything they found.

When Call of Duty: Warzone was released, it rapidly became one of the most popular games to play. Millions of people were playing, thousands of streamers on Twitch started using Warzone as their main content for years. Eventually, people started to realize how broken the game was and how there were a lot of toxic players. The game is still one of the highest streamed games right now but streamers said they will quit if the bugs and glitches aren’t fixed.

Sometimes when getting a weapon, the models and textures of the player or the weapon don’t load correctly and it makes it hard to kill them or take them down because you can’t see where your weapon is or where their body or the hitbox is. Activision is coming out with so many updates that don’t fix these glitches and it is probably making a lot of people that play Warzone mad or frustrated. A lot of guns are also incredibly overpowered and Activision is taking a long time to fix them.

Activision has also made a lot of guns so overpowered when they came out and people were complaining to the developers, saying they need to nerf these guns and fix them and it took Activision four weeks to fix these problems. A lot of console players are complaining about the bugs, saying that every time they go to the Buy Station for supplies the game freezes, and the players end up dying. PC players have an option to adjust their field-of-view (FOV) which lets them see more when they turn it up. Console players have been asking for one for a long time and they never get it.

A lot of people complained about the hackers and they kept asking for an anti-cheat. It took Activision a year and a half to put one in Warzone. The anti-cheat they finally put in is actually working because now any person that tries to use hacked bullets won’t do any damage. With Activision making millions every year, they should be able to fix these issues incredibly quickly. Maybe with Microsoft’s recent acquisition of Activision maybe call of duty will have better games going forward.