One Piece: Strong World entertains anime fans


The film starts up with the Toei animation logo for a brief moment then we hear a siren; the marine is running into action now cut to see an island ship that came with paddles flying above the marine base building. Now we get an introduction of our films antagonist which explains that he broke out of prison by cutting off his legs in order to free himself from the shackles to break out of prison, the name of the antagonist of the film is Shiki, Shiki uses his hand to magically knock down the marines boat which sends the boats flying down to the ground while he marine crew ran while chaos is happening. We watch Shiki getting away as his ship flies away in the sky after the marines failed to shoot down the ship, after seeing what’s going on with Shiki and the marines we cut to our main character Luffy walking in the rainforest after reaching the end of the rainforest he discovered some more land surrounding the island, Luffy jumps down using his gum gum balloon ability where he was able to inflate himself like a balloon to land safely then we switch over to watch Luffy in action by fighting against the large vicious animals on the island.

After seeing Luffy in action to fight out the vicious creatures of the island, we transition to Brook, Robin, and Franky; Brook hears an unfamiliar noise asking Franky and Robin what was the noise coming from. Franky responded: “who cares, we have better things to think about.” The noise coming from is a small army of savage ants at first glance Brook is intrigued next Brook let out a scream alerting Franky and Robin, however, the ants move away from Brook, we cut to the ants eating the large green shark creature now shark is dead and became bones now Franky tells Brook why the ants didn’t come after Brook because Brook is already a skeleton so the ants wanted meat, not bones. Brook shouts “isn’t that kind of impolite?” He takes out his cane sword running while slashing the ants, now he walks away after slashing the ants then brook puts away his cane sword saying “three-verse humming arrow notch slash!” completely putting away his cane sword causing the ants to burst as well as fall to the ground. After seeing our supporting characters in action, the camera zooms out to reveal the island opening up the film’s title: we get introduced to the straw hat pirate crew: Zoro, Chopper, Robin, Franky, Brook, Sanji, Usopp, Luffy, and Nami giving out their bounty along with their roles in the crew.

After we get an introduction of the crew, we transition to Nami swimming, floating, and coming out of the pool to dry herself off that’s when she spots Shiki and 2 unfamiliar men dancing their way down the stairs however Nami isn’t interested, as Shiki walked over to Nami asking if she has made up her mind and calling her “babycakes.” Nami told Shiki to let her go already which makes Shiki give out a chuckle telling Nami “a strong-headed girl. My kind of woman.” We get a flashback of one week earlier when Luffy asked Nami what was happening in the East Blue, Nami reads from the headline saying “Danger! The mystery of towns that suddenly disintegrate.” she passes the newspaper to Luffy so he can read about what’s going on as Nami continued to tell Luffy that towns are getting destroyed overnight one after another after the crew discuss about what is going on, Shiki’s ship flies above them that’s when Luffy shouts “how is that island flying?” While the cyclone is happening the straw hats pirates and Shiki turn away from the cyclone, Shiki shoots one of his navigators for making the wrong forecast so we go on to Shiki saying “a woman with a sense for the weather that surpasses even this team of eclectic navigators.” Now we shift to Shiki flying down to the straw hat pirates ship, he asks who is the voice who told him and his crew on the tone dial to turn 90 degrees to the left away from the cyclone which leads to Nami telling Shiki that it was her next Shiki thanks Nami; Luffy asks on did he get the island to float which Shiki reveals that it was the power of the float-float fruit adding on how his ability work by touching something he can levitate as well as control it regardless of gravity he gives out an example by touching a dumbbell making it levitate.

As the flashback continues to play on, we see the straw hat pirate ship fly into the air, chopper tells everyone that he sees something which is an island that is floating by Shiki’s power, Shiki reveals that once he makes something float then it keeps on floating, Shiki turns and walks up to Nami we get on to the part where Shiki kidnaps Nami alerting the straw hat pirates and running to fight however Shiki made himself fly high up in the air while Nami is in his arm saying “the navigator is mine.” Luffy stretches out his arm to rescue Nami but Shiki uses his power to throw off Luffy; Shiki gets away with Nami in his grasp which concludes the flashback. We move back to the present, one of Shiki’s crew brought in a bird the bird flew out of its cage to electrocute Shiki along with two men after being electrocuted Shiki throws the bird to the floor which makes Nami run to the bird to protect it now Nami questions Shiki which Shiki responds saying that there were animals on this island that evolved in strange ways which he mentioned the case is a plant called IQ which affects the animals’ brains to make them evolve in ways to adapt to the environment. We cut to Shiki’s crew members alerting him that Nami escaped which reveals that Nami found a vent underwater in the pool which is connected to the sea, we get to see Nami escaping by swimming out to sea with the bird, right after Nami escaped she spots the straw hat ship which is called the sunny, she noticed a large smoke cloud with Luffy running out of the forest when Nami spots Luffy; Luffy runs to Nami that he was happy and surprised that she escaped, however, the animals follow Luffy which causes Nami to run away as well as telling Luffy “stay away from me.”

The electric bird swoops in to electrocute the larger animals chasing Luffy, while Luffy is eating Scorpion he calls the electric bird “Billy” because the bird’s bill is electric. Now Nami asks Luffy if they should wait until the others else finds them or go out to find the others, which Luffy responded to go look for them, when billy is flying while Nami and Luffy are on him, Billy smells an aroma which causes him to stop and fly up away from the smell, Nami notices that there’s a village down there also mentioning that those trees are the same trees that were around Shiki’s palace, the trees aroma bother not just Billy but to the other animals too. Nami And Luffy land at the village where they find Sanji, Zoro, Chopper, and Ussop Luffy is glad to see that they are okay, Now on sunset, we see Nami go out to see where Luffy and everyone else headed off to, Nami finds Luffy but he tells her to stay back because Shiki arrived after giving out small talk Luffy, Usopp, Zoro, Chopper, and Sanji charges in to attack Shiki however Shiki negates the attacks, catches Sanji’s kick, and then Luffy launches himself to knock Shiki away which causes him to drop Sanji after falling they land to the ground. Shiki uses his power to counter attack as well as dodging Zoros and Usopp’s attacks, trapping them to the ground which Nami runs to the site of where they are trapped when Shiki walks next to Nami then Nami tells Shiki that he is responsible for what has happened in the east blue which causes her to shout to stay away from her friends and the east blue, Nami asked if she joined Shikis crew would he leave east blue alone which Shiki replied “I couldn’t attack the hometown of one of my crewmembers.” Then Ussop says “you’re not going to sell yourself to him to save your hometown, are you?” leaving Nami conflicted then she tells usopp that this is the only way that she’ll protect east blue, Nami said that she’ll join ships crew kneeling down in despair telling him “please let me join your crew,” which Shiki welcomes Nami to his crew and gives Nami a dial tone for her to say goodbye to the straw hat pirates; after Nami gives out her farewell on the dial tone she puts down the dial tone to the ground.

We cut to one of Shiki’s crew taking down the trees, Nami going with Shiki on a floating rock, the animals running around the island, and Shiki in his ship going to sit on his throne. Nami comes in wearing a different outfit which is a black dress with a pink shoulder fur scarf now Nami watches the animals cause chaos on the village of the floating island Nami didn’t get any reaction telling Shiki that she wasn’t interesting and that she is going back to her room. We move on to see Franky, Robin, and Brook witnessing the chaos that had happened then they go on to search for Luffy as well as the others, they noticed the ground that is high up in its height which is the ground that trapped Luffy, Usopp, Chopper, and Sanji by Shiki. Robin says “Let’s dig them out!” which sets them free from the trap, the straw hat pirates talk about how shiki was behind the incidents happening in the east blue and the fact that nami joined shikis crew so she can protect the east blue, we see luffy as well as the other straw hats crew gather around to listen to the dial tone recording, Luffy begins to play the dial tone recording in the recording we can hear Nami’s voice saying “Forgive me for leaving without saying anything, I’ve decided to become a navigator in Shiki’s crew, Shiki is a legendary pirate who you could never match up to even if you stood up to him, even if you came after me, you’d only end up losing your lives, I’ll just say this much.” we see the camera moving up from Luffy’s shaky hand up to his face which expresses anger; we hear Luffy yelling angrily questioning why did she said that on the dial tone, usopp tells Luffy to calm down then Luffy continues to yell which Franky brought up the fact shiki already beat luffy, sanji and usopp causing luffy to continue yelling then usopp cuts in telling luffy to calm down as well as to tell franky to stop, luffy hands the dial tone to usopp then walks away.

Sanji tells Usopp to play the recording again which Usopp agreed, Luffy walks up to a large rock and then stretches out his arm out far, then we see the straw hat crew giving out their own reaction of shock and disappointment. We switch over to Luffy punching the rock. We transition to Shiki’s ship flying then landing on the ocean continuing its sailing, we go into Shiki’s ship where he watches the elites coming, we see Shiki coming outside to see what’s going on however he is wearing the gas mask to protect himself from the tree’s aroma which happens to be trees used to ward off animals, one of the tress was damaged then the net thing he notices that there were stacks of dynamite against the tree with the strings of the dynamite being linked each other; we Nami being apprehended by Shiki’s guards which Nami knows that Shiki won’t agree to not attacking the east blue refusing to see the east blue destroyed. Shiki grabs Nami by her neck which nami struggles leaving shiki push her against the tree, what is happening to nami’s skin is there is the green bruises growing bigger which happens to be the cause of the trees poisonous effects leaving nami to scream, now shiki throws nami which metal sticks trap her in place without stabbing her after nami is trapped, Shiki goes on to tell nami that if she was lucky enough to survive when the general assembly ends that he’ll let her be his navigator for life adding on he doesn’t dislike “sassy women” he then walks away entering his palace, we cut to the straw hats ship we hear luffy and franky, the ship starts up to begin to fly to shiki we see the ship land on the snow to the location of Shiki’s palace there we begin to see silhouettes of the straw hat pirates, we return to Shiki sitting on his throne saying that the east blue is the weakest of the five seas adding on that there is no great figures whose death will be regretted encouraging the other pirates in his palace to go wild as they want after shiki finished his speech raising his bowl finishing off the speech with “This is the birth of the golden lion pirates!” Before Shiki could drink from his bowl, he was interrupted by one of his crew members notifying him that the straw hat pirates came; however, there are only 8 since Nami is trapped by Shiki.

Moving on to more of the movie, we see eight of the straw hat pirates walking into Shiki’s palace all dressed nicely making an entrance to Shiki’s assembly as Luffy and his crew walk inside with Luffy asking Shiki if he is going to attack the east blue which Shiki replied with a “yeah.” Luffy then asks “is Nami ok?” Shiki answers “yeah. She’s doing great.” We see the other pirates in Shiki’s palace show up from behind the palace walls Luffy goes on to tell Shiki that Nami didn’t sacrifice herself to join Shiki’s crew instead she joined the crew so Nami can attack from the inside. We watch the straw hat pirates armed with weapons with the camera panning out on them ready for action, now the straw hat pirates begin to fire their weapons in the palace leaving the other pirates in Shiki’s palace to fall; Luffy tells Usopp and chopper to go look for Nami which leaves Zoro, Sanji, Robin, Franky, and Luffy himself to fight. The other pirates get up to fight the straw hat pirates, Luffy is going after Shiki while the other straw hat pirates are fighting next Luffy jumps punching Shiki then he escapes while Luffy runs after him, we switch over to Nami when we see something glowing in front of her which is billy the electric bird, now billy with his feathers spread out and electrifying lighting up the dynamite to destroy the trees after Billy flew away the dynamite exploded right after Usopp and Chopper found Nam laying on the ground with the green bruises then we hear a stampede going which was the animals coming towards them. We move on to one of the animals breaking into the palace causing chaos while Chopper is treating Nami’s wounds, Shiki shows up to fight chopper, and Usopp as well as to launch an attack however the attacks are negated by Luffy.

Luffy shows up in front of Shiki after he negated the attacks, we see Nami wake up to see Luffy saying that he is going to beat up Shiki after Usopp and chopper carry Nami away we get to see the fighting action going on to fight Shiki then Billy flies in to help Luffy as he yelling to Shiki that he won’t let him go to the east blue, Usopp and chopper found the IQ plants then they run into a lab with one of Shiki’s crew members showing up in front of them holding the antidote then Zoro shows up ready to fight after the fight is over chopper catches antidote that Zoro tossed, we transition to nami fully waking up after the antidote treated her with Usopp telling her that the whole crew came in to recuse nami leaving nami to cry happily we transition to Luffy and Shiki fighting with billy flying as there is a storm coming while the island moving, billy takes Luffy to where Shiki as the straw hats go back on their ship leaving Luffy to fight Shiki again this time luffy uses his third gear attack with the use of the storms electricity now luffy defeated Shiki. Billy flies off the ship to look for Luffy then the straw hat crew hears Luffy screaming meaning he is alive. With Luffy on Billy’s back, we look to see the island falling with the island villagers flying away, now that it is all over, Nami is cured completely now: the ending was a bit comical we see Nami chasing Luffy around for the dial tone with Usopp joining in the dial tone falls off Luffy’s hand as they watch it fall while it falls the end of the dial tone message reveals with Nami saying “promise you’ll come rescue me.”

My overall opinion of the movie: I somewhat enjoy this movie, I’m not too much of a One Piece fan but I genuinely enjoy watching the film, despite the anime with its episode being the longest-running series so far the movie strong world is pretty solid we get to focus on Nami; I recommend this movie if you’re looking for something new to watch.