Top 5 Animals to Have as Pets


Kaia Newton

Spending time isolated at home presents a good time to adopt a pet to help inspire motivation.

With all of the time we’ve been spending at home this year, mental health is bound to drop. There is only so much motivation we can have to keep working on the same hobbies and the same schoolwork. For those who haven’t even been able to hang out with friends since March, it can feel like an especially lonely time, which is why adopting a pet can be a great way to help inspire motivation!


Cats can be great to play with when you want, but they also enjoy their alone time. Cats are a good option for people who want a pet they can spend time with, but who also don’t have all the time in the world for an animal. Cats still need food, water, grooming, and playtime, however, they also need their time apart from their owner.


Despite a ferret’s somewhat creepy appearance, they are really friendly and playful. Ferrets can be a little bit more involved since you need to clean their cage and some of the messes they make. They sleep most of the day, but when they are up they should be let out of their cage so they can play around the house. Ferrets love to create new and interesting ways to play with their owners, just make sure you keep an eye out for any messes they make.

Ball Python

Aside from the initial set up and cleaning of a ball python tank, they are extremely low maintenance. They prefer a rainforest setting which can be provided with about $150 to $400 depending on your budget. Ball pythons also prefer a constantly humid habitat and warm baths every so often. They only eat once a week and they could care less if you play with them or not. If you want to know more about reptiles but are terrified of accidentally killing one, a ball python is a good place to start.


Dogs are good companion animals that enjoy being kept as pets. Adopting a dog from a local shelter can help give a dog a home. The cost of a dog can range from $125 to $825 a month depending on how much care your dog needs. Dogs need a lot of attention and room to play so if you are looking for a more involved pet that can occupy much of your time, a dog is a great choice for you!


If you are the type that wants a pet but just wants to observe and you’re worried about forgetting to feed it for a day or two, an ant farm is for you. Ants can be amazing to watch since they form their own colonies. The other great thing about an ant farm is that when the ants use up all of their space, you can connect more rooms to the ant farm to keep expanding it. This is very low maintenance yet entertaining pet, as long as you make sure they don’t escape.