Top 5 things to do in Austin

The reason I wanted to talk about things to do in Austin is that everyone that is going to read this probably lives in Austin. As well as show some of the cool things to do around this beautiful weird city we all live in.

1. Water Fun

I put Barton Spring as something to do since every time I got there is always so much life and all different kinds of people. You have to be careful at first because it’s cold when you first get in. There are more things than swimming you can do. Things like jumping off the bridge, not to your death but to the water of course. If you don’t feel like swimming but still want to be around water you can rent a canoe and paddle your way where the large crowd forms.

2. Running and Biking at Zilker

Zilker Park made it on the list because I like exercising and you can do it in Zilker. I usually would bike around the whole pier with other people and it felt nice and relieving. If you have a dog I think it’s a perfect place to take them as well since there is a dog park and also a lot of other dogs that your dog can play with.

3. Music festivals

As you know Austin is known for its live music events so I think you can find a lot of music events around. Some that I can list at the top of my head are Austin city limits and SXSW. If you don’t feel like going to a festival you might like to go to record stores.

4. Food

I also wanted to include food in this list since everyone likes food. There are a lot of places where you can get food that isn’t ordinary fast food. A place where I and my friends like is Sandy’s because it just actually feels like a vintage hippie restaurant. I suggest you order on foot rather than go by car because the line gets so big that it stretches onto the actual public road. I also liked small nameless Mexican food trucks. I would usually get a burger that can feed a mule.

5. Buy a cactus

Buy a cactus at Austin stores because cactuses are cool :). I say buy a cactus because they’re easy to take care of and why not? There are loads of places to buy cactuses in Austin some are, Austin Cactus & Succulent Society, Austin Succulents.