Top 5 things that could be challenging this school year

These are my top 5 reasons why the 2021 fall semester has been challenging.

1. Water Access

Public water fountains at Akins are not usable because of COVID-19. Water fountains are turned off to prevent the spreading of coronavirus. There are also no vending machines available to purchase bottles of water. Students can only get water if they bring their own water bottle to use at one of the few water filling stations that are available on campus.

2. COVID Precautions

COVID is an issue everywhere and that is definitely true at Akins. To slow the spread of COVID-19 students and staff are required to wear face mask coverings over their mouth and nose at all times unless they are outside or eating.

3. Parking Lot Problems

Sometimes after school, there’s a lot of traffic with cars coming from all different directions. It can be very dangerous leaving the parking lot after school because so many parents line up along S. First Street blocking the view of drivers as they attempt to turn onto the busy street.

4. Lunch Crowding

Social distancing in the cafeteria with all students inside is impossible. Going outside is a better option when you have a table and something above providing shade. There are some trees and tables in the courtyard but not enough. And soon people will not even want to be outside when the temperature drops.

5. Air Conditioning Problems in Classrooms

Air conditioning in some classrooms isn’t working. Some rooms never fully cool down and stay warm even when fans are blowing.