Top 5 teams to look out for in the 2022 World Cup

It feels like we’ve been waiting decades for the 2022 world. This year it is held in the beautiful country of Qatar. We were all expected to be watching it this summer in the comfort of our own homes. As things stand, it’s held in november. Some people are not pleased because the tradition is that the summer vibes with lots of sun. but it has to be held in the winter because of the risk of players having a heat stroke on the field. And recently the temperatures have been excruciating hot. So I believe it’s safer that way, and believe they did the right thing by putting it in the winter.also tracing back to people being mad for the world cup being in the winter. They complain about the kids watching it. How will they be able to watch it during school? That will drop the views a lot with people working and not be able to watch the game. Now that all the controversy is dealt with.

HERE IS MY TOP 5 TEAMS TO LOOK OUT FOR IN THE 2022 WORLD CUP. At number #5 We have Portugal. There odds to win it all is +1200 which is 8th on CBS Sports best teams They have a sum of the best youngsters. With names like R. Leao, J. Cancelo, D. Jota and much more. They also have some players who have been playing at the top for years now, like Ronaldo, B. Sliva, Pepe and alot more. I believe the togethers with the young talent they have now. And all the experience the old guys have is just the perfect balance for this team to do good in the world cup.

At number 4 is argentina. Their success from this year is part of the reason they are so high on my list. First of all, there CBS BEST SOCCER TEAMS is +1000 to win it all. From winning the copa america and the UEFA cup of champions. Also, this may be Messi’s final chance to play in the world cup. So we all know he’s going to push himself to be the best possible. Last world cup they were beaten by the running champions of the world known as france.there type of playing stye is tiki-taka so they play fast and quick. But if their weakness is mostly in the back they lack high equity defenders. That is what they might lose by, because no one will be worried about them not scoring goals. We all know they have the sum of the best attackers in the world.

At 3 i have england Thet are a really good team who lost in the 2021 euro final.There odds to win is +600 CBS BEST SOCCER TEAMS And also made the semi finals in the 2018 world cup. Dospete there great world class generation in 2010-2014 they have never won anything senice 1996. With new talent in every potion of the field like jude bellingham, phill fodan, trent alexander arnold and much more they have great chance to win. Even tho the last few years they been coming up just a little short. But can this year be the year it comes home.

At 2 i put brazil because with all the talent they have they must have a good chance. There also +450 odds which is the best CBS BEST SOCCER TEAMS. And they have arguable the best player in the world right now in naymar jr. there amazing young talent is what possibly is what ight get them to the final. And with vini jr looking like the best under 25 player in the world nd is in great form. Also the old players like allison, casameiro, and much more will be playing at there very best because they know its there last chance. So thats why i got brazil number 2.

And at the best football country in the world i have gone with FRANCE. Most because they are the current world champions.they did have a unlucky exit in the 2021 euros, by losing in penalties against switzerland. But one bad game does not define this team. With more young players than old. They will be really energetic to win and fight for there country. Put dont for get some one the best players in the world like pogba,benzema, and much more. They also have the second best odds to win with +550 CBS BEST SOCCER TEAMS. And that is why i think the former 2time champion country will win the world cup.