Former 2012 prom king passes away over summer break


Alumni Freddy Zamora and Yera Vazquez dance together during prom. Zamora earned the title of prom king.

Savannah Garza , Editor-in-Chief

Alumni Freddy Zamora Jr. lost his battle this summer with Squamous Cell Carcinoma, a type of skin cancer.

Zamora’s passed away on Thursday, Aug. 9, 2012, the summer after his final year of high school, after suffering the final stage of cancer.

The former high school wrestler won the title of prom king before graduating in the 2011-2012 school year.

Nohemi Ruiz was his best friend and was his date to the senior prom.
“I miss his smile and laugh, and how he could always give me advice and protect me,” Ruiz said.

Zamora’s goal was to graduate from high school while battling the cancer.

“He was still asking for homework. He asked us to put together work for him to do in the spring because his goal was to graduate high school,” Zamora’s English teacher Janet Larkin said. “He made that goal, what an amazing testament.”

At the class of 2012 graduation, the students gave Zamora a standing ovation when he walked the stage.

“It was to acknowledge the courage of that young man,” Larkin said. “It’s very courageous what he did and how he conducted himself. I think it’s a wonderful testament to the hearts of the class of 2012.”

His funeral brought in many people and the respect and honor they had for Zamora was clear.

“It was a beautiful service, very uplifting, it was a great way of remembering him, the place was packed,” Ruiz said.

Zamora’s 11th grade teacher, Rebecca Redland, also attended his services.

“The tone of Freddy’s service was uplifting. The message was to be strong and live the life Freddy did,” Redland said. “I know that many of his classmates were inspired; some even made changes to their lives that very day.”

Before Zamora passed away, he got to accomplish many things in less than a year.

“Prom king, graduated, rides in Vipers, fabulous cars, he got to go to Disneyland, talk about cramming a life time of things in just a few months,” Larkin said.

It’s been a tragic year for the Akins community as two other alumini passed away. 2007 graduate Lisa Arriaga was killed in a car accident and 2012 graduate Jeremy Sanchez also passed.