Student from Norway enjoys American experiences

Senior Eivind Jønsberg, who goes by E.J. during his stay in the United States, arrived in America from Tønsberg, Norway on August 19.

E.J.’s flight to the United States lasted 13 hours, which heightened his anticipation to experience his new host country. When he finally arrived at the New York City airport, he was immediately impressed by what he saw.

“I was talking with some of my friends and was watching the airplane T.V the whole time,” Jønsberg said. “I was over whelmed of how big New York was. After that. I took a three and a half hour flight to Texas.”

Doing as much activities as he can at Akins, Jønsberg joined the tennis team and won two medals.

“It was my first time playing tennis on a team and I won two medals,” he said. “I was very proud of myself.”

Jønsberg did a lot of memorable things while here at in the United States.

“I got to go hunting and got two deer. That was the first time I ever shot an animal. Also I went paintballing with my friends.”

Jønsberg has his goals set and what he wants to do in the future.

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“I want to be a psychologist or something forensic related,” ”

— Eivind Jønsberg

“I want to be a psychologist or something forensic related,”he said. “I don’t know which job yet but something in that area.”

According to Jønsberg, America is very different compared to Norway.

“Country music played a lot in the car here, so it was nice being exposed to that since we don’t have a lot of that in Norway,” Jønsberg said. “Norway doesn’t make a lot of movies so we usually watch American ones.”

Jønsberg wants to travel to other places around the United States to open his eyes to more experiences.

“I’ve only been to Texas and New York but I’d really want to go to California, Colorado, and Florida,” he said.

Having friends at his hometown as well, Jønsberg will miss the ones that he made here in America.

“Hanging out with them and doing things with the friends I made and just doing impulsive things is what I’ll miss the most,” Jønsberg said.