Stars and Stripes offers a new way to watch films


Courtesy of Stars & Stripes Drive in Movie Theatre

Stars and Stripes brings back the retro years by having an old fashioned drive-in movie theatre.


Sometimes going to the movies is not the escape you would hope it would be, especially when it means going to the same old theater you always go to.

But there are some unique movie theaters that offer a different kind of experience that will help viewers break their stale routines.

The Stars & Stripes Drive-In theatre in New Braunfels requires a drive out of town, but it’s worth the drive to experience this place first hand. When you drive into the Stars and Stripes theater for the first time, it’s like driving into a portal transporting you to a time when drive-ins were the way to experience a movie. Drivers simply pull into a spot in front of a large screen and tune their radios to a station that allows them to hear the audio for the movie over their car speakers.

An important part of the movie experience is the food. Stars and Stripes feature classic movie foods such as popcorn, candy, and soda, but also some features that normal movie theaters don’t have such as grilled cheese sandwiches and chicken fingers.

It’s also a great place to go if you have younger siblings who can’t sit still and need to get up and play. They can go play on an onsite playground or you can enjoy a family meal at their picnic area.

People are even allowed to bring their pets as long as they remain inside the car or on a leash.

In terms of the movie selection, the theater offers new releases of current big name lms, but screenings are limited by the fact that there is only one screen.

Overall, Stars and Stripes offers a nice day-trip experience with great hospitality for a fun family experience.

If you’re planning a trip, make sure to check their schedule before visiting.