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The ways other cultures celebrate the winter holidays

January 14, 2020

Sherry Lin explains Chinese New Year

Sherry Lin is an exchange student from Taiwan. We spoke to her about the different ways people in Taiwan celebrate winter holidays, including Chinese new year.

Q What celebrations do you celebrate?

A Chinese New Year. We will, so we meet that night and then like the whole family will eat it together. And then the adults will give a red envelope, put some money in it and give it to the kids who don’t work. e parents will also give you new clothes.

Q What’s the story behind Chinese new year?

A I think is a story but is not true. So in the old times so there’s a dragon and then, like when the Chinese New Year comes, the dragon will show up to every house. The people will put the like you know, red paper and then we’ll put it at the door to scare the dragon and then they won’t show up like that.

Q Are there any celebrations in the US that you like?

A I think it’s Christmas, or I like Halloween. My house parents say they will decorate the Christmas tree. I like Halloween trick or treating, because we don’t have trick or treating.

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Yarin Polyakov explains New Years in Russia

Yarin Polyakov recently moved to the United States from Russia. We spoke to him about the different ways Russians celebrate winter holidays, including New Year’s Eve.

Q Do you eat any kind of cultural food?

A During New Years, we usually make, its made a dish with, on the top it has mayonnaise and kind of a salad also carrots, cucumbers usually with salt and also with mayonnaise and sometimes we did make like-kind of cookies. It has cheese onion and it’s baked for two hours in the oven

Q Does your family get together during this time of year?

A Yeah we try to but then when we moved from Russia, we usually talk with relatives on the phone, we don’t meet them. Because in our country, we tried to gather and even now we have a difference in time because of our country. US and Russia are in different continents. Maybe 8 hours so, usually, when we first meet it’s three o’clock our time and is [twelve am] in Russia

Q How is winter celebrated in Russia?

A Usually, they don’t have Christmas break. Christmas, it’s not a celebration in Russia, so it’s only the New Year. And there’s only one-week o of school, let’s say yeah, but it’s really similar. By the time the clock hits 12 and the TV shows the President give some speech some sort of speech wishing Happy New Year. Oh, yeah. e TV shows well, kind of celebrities sing songs, making jokes.

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