Top 5 weird Yeezy shoe releases


Kanye is known for his weird and unique outfits but let’s take a look at some of the weirdest shoes he’s released in collaboration with Addidas.

5) Yeezy Knit Runners

Since photos hit the internet the Yeezy knit runners have caught the attention of many, this yellow colorway in particular. Many people have compared them to rubber duckies or even the shoes Mickey Mouse wears. This shoe resembles a lot of things and I wouldn’t be surprised if it becomes popular in the next couple of years. Apart from the odd design, this shoe is well designed with durable materials making it a great shoe for a person with this taste in shoes.

4) Yeezy 450

The Yeezy 450 originally called the 451 was shown to the world in 2019 and was composed of blue and gray. The first thing people would notice was the shape of the midsole resembling waves or what people would call a sharklike midsole similar to the Jordan 5s sharklike design on its midsole. The shoe would then release in 2021 being one of the weirdest Yeezy models to hit shelves. The shoe itself is hard to style but when it’s pulled off by the right person it stands out in a crowd making it a weirdly unique shoe.

3) Yeezy 700 v3

Looking like something straight off a sci-fi movie the Yeezy 700 v3 is one of the weirdest shoes Kanye has released but many of the colorways that have been released are oddly appealing to the crowd, black and the cream models in particular. The black pair resembles the foot of an alien almost resembling the structure of the iconic Xenomorph from the alien movies, but not only that Kaney throws in a glow-in-the-dark feature to the side structure of the shoe, making the shoe weirdly unique.

2) Yeezy Boot

Great for the hard wethers in some places but not ideal for everyday outfits due to its weird shape, The Yeezy boot resembles a puffer or even an astronauts space boot, in my opinion, this shoe would stand out even when used in the right conditions due to its size and the weird shape, but despite all that we can all agree this shoe just speaks Kanye’s name and overall it’s not a bad shoe for the hard whether in some places despite its weird appearance.

1) Yeezy Foam Runners

The dinosaur eggs as some people call them have had a massive growth in popularity due to their weird appearance. Back on June 26, 2020, when the first colorway of the Yeezy Foam Runner dropped people would wait no time to make fun of this interesting-looking shoe. That didn’t stop people from buying them on the contrary due to the small number of shoes made is prices hit the roof and its popularity rose. Overall this shoe’s weird appearance sets it apart from the traditional foam shos like the croc and for sure will make people turn their heads.