Controversial Youtuber on the rise


Dario Rangel

A controversial Youtuber who is very similar to Andrew Tate

Sneako has become one of the most famous YouTubers in a short time. Many people have seen his content. But, who is Sneako? Nico Kenn De Ballinthazy (Sneako) is a YouTuber and social media influencer. He is known for his reaction videos and his street interview videos. He is well known for his debate.

What does Sneako do?
Sneako currently does youtube live streams in which he reacts to different videos about controversial topics. He also does debates on his youtube-live streams. His views have been skyrocketing because of these live streams. According to Social Blade, his last month’s views were 27.079 million. He mostly reacts to another channel called ItsComplicatedChannel which asks questions to women on the street.

How did Sneako Become Popular?
Sneako became famous when he first did his street interviews in New York. Then he decided to try live-streaming. His views started to pop up because people take clips of streams and post them all over other social media. Most people heard of sneako because clips of him were everywhere on TikTok. Some of them were out of context. His most known clip is where he predicts what women would say, calling them bots and easy to predict.

After many people saw this clip people had mixed opinions about him. Some people watch him because they think he’s funny. One commenter said I don’t necessarily agree with Sneako but he has funny ways to respond. Sneako got many followers after these clips. His first debate with another YouTuber (Destiny) got popular Many people said he lost this debate so he and destiny did another one and now they became friends. So now he debates very often. To this day, Sneako will get 100k views in just a few hours.

Why is Sneako controversial?
But, a lot of people don’t like him. They said that he is just another misogynist and another Andrew Tate. In his videos, he always talks trash about Astrology girls and makes fun of they/them girls. In Sneako’s newest video, he claims that he is just spreading the truth in a fun way. But, many women say they don’t see it that way. They claim that he is spreading hate toward women. Whenever he reacts to a “liberal video”, he mostly starts off by insulting their appearance. He calls them Bots and they all think the same.

People also don’t like the way how he deals with people that call him out. Whenever someone makes a video about him, Sneako gets annoyed. When YouTuber Noah Samsen called out him for his misogynist behavior, Sneako reacted to his video. In that reaction, Sneako called him a “ “Soyboy” and said his mustache was ugly. Sneako also called to his chat asking them, “would you be safe with this guy, and isn’t this guy ugly?”

People think Sneako and another controversial TikTok influencer Andrew Tate are alike. People claim that they both are misogynists. They both have their own business opportunity. Tate sells people Hustler University while Sneako sells something called the Creativity Kit. They both sell these at high prices. But Sneako sees this as a win, saying that the more hate he gets, the more of his “truth” spread. He says, “It’s always the libs and BOTS always trying to cancel me. The left has gone too soft. They all think the same.”

What Does He Plan To Do? So what is Sneako’s future?
Sneako will still continue spreading the “truth.” In one of his live streams, he said” I want to put my focus on my main channel. But since I’m well known, I might need a bodyguard. Sneako says that he is going to expose the truth and show the double standards. Sneako won’t be deplatform anytime soon. His views and follower rate have been drastically increasing. If he gets deplatform, then all of his “believers will believe that social media is trying to silence his “truth” and will be proven right. But we will have to wait and see.