Akins votes for presidential favorites

U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders dominates popularity among Akins students


The votes are in at Akins and the clear student favorite is U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders.

At Akins more than 640 students participated in the voting on February 29, which was conducted using the national Youth Leadership Initiative online system. Social studies teacher Maribel Velez-Ramos ran the election.

Sanders, a Democrat from Vermont, dominated the voting results with 64.97 percent of the vote of all Akins students. Students voted for their favorite candidate regardless of party affiliation over the last week at Akins. The results were announced this morning, showing which candidates are the most popular on campus.

The announcement coincided with a national election event dubbed Super Tuesday, in which 11 states held primary elections on the same day. Together the Super Tuesday states will award 595 Republican delegates and 1,017 Democratic delegates, giving a major boost to candidates who are trying to win the nomination race to become the chosen leader of their party.

On the Republican side, U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio had the most votes with a total of 4.94 percent, while Donald Trump earned 4.36 percent and U.S. Ted Cruz tallied 3.78 percent.

At the state level, 44.66 percent of students voting in the Youth Leadership Initiative mock election chose Sanders while Clinton came in second with 32.27 percent.

The polls for the actual primary voting close in Texas at 8 p.m.