What makes a good and a bad ad?


River Lehnhardt

This is the image for What makes a good and a bad ad. The story is me talking about how some ads are fantastic while others are not very good.

Ads are very prominent in our world and they are basically everywhere. No matter what you do, you may come across an ad, even if it’s not an online ad like the one I’ll be talking about. This article talks about why some ads are very entertaining while some ads are annoying.

I will mention a few very good ads: the ones that immediately come to mind are the purple bed, manscaping, and Dr. Squatch soaps ads. Those ads are funny and entertaining while also showing off what the product actually does. The people in the ads are likable and not trying to mislead or upsell you. Overall, I have no problem with these ads and I actually quite enjoy them.

The purple bed ads are actually entertaining while showing how strong the product is. The woman who is in almost all of the ads is funny and explains how it works. The ad also has crazy experiments like trying to crush the egg with a pane of glass with sometimes thousands of pounds on to show how well the bed will cradle you. Not only is this ad entertaining, it also demonstrates the high quality of the bed.

The manscaping ads are also not bad in the way they actually advertise. Usually, they open with a funny skit of course the skit is dramatized, but it gets the point across that the other trimmers aren’t very well made and can cause issues for many people. They have many people talk about the product and even have some more well-known people and they show off what it can do. They dunk it in water and it’s perfectly fine and is able to keep going and they show that it has a light on the end of it that allows you to see what you are doing. On top of this, the ads are actually very funny and the jokes land well. This also helps make the ad memorable because the jokes will sometimes stick in your head.

The last good ad I will talk about is the Dr. Squatch ad and personally, I think this is the best one out of the three. The ads have the same blond bearded man talk about how normal soaps can cause health problems to men. He then explains how Dr. Squatch soap is made from organic materials and is better for you than the gross soaps they sell normally. He then explains how they can come in all different smells and scents and has a few mini-interviews, people smell them and say what they feel about them. They also have funny moments when the main guy describes what normal soaps are his friend faints and falls to the ground. In another part, he says that the FDA classifies soaps as synthetic detergents and then he says “you’re not a dish” and throws a ceramic plate at a rock shattering it while saying “you’re a man”. I just like the carefree attitude that these ads have while also being funny and entertaining I pretty much never skip these ads. Overall, these are the best ads in my opinion.

That being said there are a few ads that are egregious and anger-inducing. A few that immediately come to mind are the Modern Warfare ads. Now you might be saying to yourself “I like Modern Warfare, what’s wrong with it?” That’s fine I like the game too and I think it’s one of the best Call of Duty’s we’ve had in a while, but that does not excuse it from terrible ads. For starters, the ads have the same song different songs that sound very much alike and aren’t even that good a lot of the time it’s a boring rap song. The ad also includes so many explosions and loud sounds it’s basically sensory overload and you just skip. The ad starts out with a team running towards another, the camera zooms in on the new weapon or skin, followed by an explosion. While I think it does an okay job at showing what’s new it simultaneously does nothing and leaves me more confused than anything.

Another ad that comes to mind is the Valorant ads. I don’t really care for Valorant and I personally think it’s a half-baked Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. I know that Valorant is supposed to be similar to CS:GO but it feels more like they just took the basics of that game then put Overwatch-like abilities in. I don’t hate the game because I do like the spin on it and it’s fun but I just don’t see why you would play that when you can play CS:GO. The gunplay is nearly identical and it personally feels more satisfying in CS:GO rather than Valorant not to mention that Valorant has some stupidly overpriced items while it is true that CS:GO has more overall expensive items; those items can be resold on the market and sometimes for real money. Regardless of my feelings about this game, these ads annoy me the most because it’s the same basic boring ad you could watch, it puts me to sleep even thinking about it. The ad shows a character then it proceeds the play some stupid song that is just terrible followed by usually a famous streamer or YouTuber playing the game pulling off some “crazy play” and these ads annoy me to no end.

The worst ads are and this is kind of cheating but any mobile ad ever. I absolutely despise mobile ads. They tend to not show exactly what the thing it is they are advertising is about. I know that this is fairly old but the Mafia City ads had a tendency to show an animation and then you would see actual gameplay and it would look similar to a tower defense game. The thing is, they are two completely different ideas. One looks like you would control a character and make decisions and it would be a more story-focused game instead, it pulls a bait and switch and looks like a worse version of Clash of Clans. Another ad that I don’t care much for is the mom vs dad ad because those types of ads are simply annoying and are very bad because it’s the same thing all the time and one just smokes the other while one is barely playing.