Should we focus in the present or future?

The future is a mystery to anyone and it holds many surprises.

We all tend to say we should “live in the moment” but that isn’t always true. Your decisions form the future you will have. Preparing for the future is more important because you can plan out your life and once the moment is present you will not be clueless or lost.

Planning for the future helps you think of what your goal is and what you need to do to reach this goal. Planning for the future seems a little too extra but it is important. For an example, before an explorer goes on an adventure they plan and prepare for any scenario. They pack food, water, maps, ropes, medicine, and other materials just in case they might need it. They might not know what danger they could face but they are prepared for it. If they go into an adventure blind they might get lost, hurt or worse and they will be unhappy with the results in the end.

Stress can be caused by not knowing what to do or having too much to do. Once the future is present you will feel clueless or lost if you don’t know where to start. I sometimes overthink what I want to be once I graduate high school and that stresses me out. So I try to think about what I like or what I see myself doing in the future. That helps me choose and sort out my best option. This will help you feel more at ease knowing what you want to be.

But in doing this it will make it harder to do things you like. Going out with friends will be difficult if you have to work. And fitting in time to study and do homework will be hard. But later on, you will realize that all of your hard work paid off. You will have your dream job and you will be able to live in the best conditions.

The present is important but will it matter in the future. You are the only one that can shape your future into the one you want. Instead of just focusing on living in the moment right now, try to build your life so that you can live the best moments once you have everything and anything you wished for. But that doesn’t mean you have to completely overwork yourself. Just stay focused on what you need to achieve what you want.