Blue and Gold night 2022 Photo Gallery

Makeup services were provided for the public during the festival. People could choose what face paint they wanted via a catalog.

Students throwing whipped cream pies at teachers, the Fine Arts building transformed into a haunted house, and several performances by student groups were just a few of the highlights of the annual Blue and Gold Night festival held at Akins on Oct. 26.

It was the first time Akins has hosted a Blue and Gold Night event since October 2019 because of safety concerns related to the COVID-19 pandemic. For most students, it was a new experience for them because this year’s class of seniors is the only group of students at Akins who have memories of attending a Blue and Gold Night event when they were freshmen.

The event also serves as a large-scale fundraiser for Akins clubs, teams, and organizations that sell food and host games and activities that attendees can purchase with tickets. Blue and Gold Night is open to the community so many parents and younger siblings of Akins students attend the event, as well.