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Mia Rubio

Gordon Taylor — Baseball

EE: What are your goals for your team this season?

GT: To be the most competitive team possible and to hopefully improve on last year’s win-loss margin.

EE: What are you coaching this year?

GT: I am coaching baseball, head coach of baseball, and assistant football.

EE: What brought you to Akins?

GT: The community is close to one that I come from, it’s a, it seems like a group of hard-nosed kids that want to do the best I can.

EE: How long have you been coaching and what are you teaching?

GT: This will be my ninth year and right now I’m teaching health and I’m killing it.

EE: What is your coaching philosophy?

GT: My coaching philosophy is higher competition, having a lot of fun, and building a program that’s as first-class as possible for the kids.

EE: What are some challenges that you faced as a coach?

GT: Just getting the kids to believe in themselves, especially when they’re going up against, so-called higher in competition, so-called better schools just understanding that nobody’s better than them in that way.

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