SXSW brings in music enthusiasts

Blues artist Luther Dickinson performs with his band mates at Auditorium Shores on Friday. Despite the rainy weather, streets and venues were packed with people.

Michael Galindo, Photo Editor

Every year, South by Southwest attracts thousands of music enthusiasts, movie buffs, and media moguls.

The main attraction for most, however, is the live music performances.

Venues like House of Vans at the Mohawk, Waterloo Records, and the Converse X Thrasher Death Match at the Gypsy Lounge were all popular spots for teens.

“The Death Match was a great experience because it allowed other teenagers around my age to see artists that usually perform for older audiences,” senior Ulises Chavez said.

Performers at the Death Match also felt that it was a great experience.

“Death Match is my favorite event at SXSW. The energy is crazy and I always wanted to do it, so thanks to my homie Reese I got the chance to kill it,” rapper Wara From the NBHD said.

As always, enduring long lines at SXSW was a constant experience. Show watchers who wanted a good spot at the show had to be there early and ready to wait for hours sometimes.

Those lucky enough to purchase or receive badges got to skip ahead in the line, but there were not that many teens with that kind of cash or the chance to work the event to receive a free volunteer badge.

One difference this year was the greater police presence. This helped to ensure that nothing like the car wreck tragedy on Red River that killed four and injured dozens repeated itself this year.

“Cops were definitely more strict this year and they did close off more streets, but overall it was still pretty good,” Chavez said.

SXSW provided everything fans expected. Thousands of musicians entertained attendees from all over the world while the locals enjoyed calling the city that hosts the annual festival home.