Lazer Team excites fans of multimedia company

Rooster Teeth grabs attention of online users by making full length feature film


Courtesy of Rooster Teeth

Lazer Team members show all four of the protagonists posing dramatically.

Bradley Barto, Life and Style Co-Editor

After 13 years of entertaining audiences online, Austin based Rooster Teeth has ventured into the world of feature-length filmmaking with the release of Lazer Team.

Unlike most feature films, it was funded by 37,493 fans of Rooster Teeth productions who donated $2,480,334 using crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. The film premiered at the Alamo Drafthouse in late January with screenings selling out quickly.

The film is a homage to 1980s comedies centering around four idiots who are the only ones who can save the Earth from an impending alien threat. With never ending comedy, this movie is filled with snappy remarks and constant humor from start to finish.

The success of the film is an indication of the popularity of online-based production companies such as Rooster Teeth, which create all sorts of multimedia content for the Internet. Rooster Teeth has made shows, video games, podcasts, cartoons and game shows.

Annie Ricotta, a fan of Rooster Teeth and fundraiser backer for Lazer Team said “The movie was great. The story made sense and had the right amount of jokes and was enjoyable.”

Red vs Blue, the longest running web series in history, started in 2003 and just recently wrapped up its 13th season. The show is set entirely in the video game series Halo, focusing on two teams of red and blue uniformed space soldiers who constantly fight, a guy who can’t forget memories of his ex-girlfriend, a corrupt freelance military program, and a crazy string of events all happening in the future. The story is told with comedy, flashbacks, musical numbers and people just standing there and talking.

Rooster Teeth is also credited with creating many other shows such as RWBY, an anime style cartoon about four girls who go to a school to train warriors to fight the monsters of Grimm and all the evil in the world of Remnant. The show premiered in 2012, after the end of the 10th season of Red vs Blue.

They have created many other shows such as: Immersion, a show in which they bring video game concepts to real life; On The Spot, a gameshow in which two teams must compete in comedy games of improv questions and skits; X-Ray and Vav, a superhero cartoon about characters created by members of the company and community; The Know, a news show about events in movies and games and media, as well as many other shows and content created throughout the years.

On an almost weekly basis since 2008 they have recorded the Rooster Teeth Podcast (originally called the Drunk Tank, but changed in 2010 because of the name) in which they talk about basically anything that is on their minds.

There are several divisions of Rooster Teeth for multiple different YouTube channels with each one focusing on something different. The Know has it’s own channel and a channel called The Slow Mo Guys as well as several gaming channels.

Rooster Teeth started as a small team of people. Now the company employees more than 100 people that entertain an enormous online community with more than 8.5 million subscribers on YouTube.

They host conventions for the community every year called RTX held here in Austin. It’s like a huge festival for nerds to come together and cosplay and meet people from Rooster Teeth. Last year at RTX 2015 there was approximately 45,000 people attending the event.