The long running Naruto anime series finally comes to an end


Courtesy of Studio Pierrot and TV Tokyo

Sergio Hernandez, Staff Writer

After 14 years of the Naruto anime franchise starting, it’s finally coming to an end leaving fans with a bittersweet feeling during its final episode.

Naruto is one of the most beloved animes in history. Its sense of humor, likable characters and life lessons it teaches has made it a fan favorite.

Sadly our favorite ninja will be no more after the last episode on September 29. Viewers across the world won’t be able to put everything aside just to tune in on a Thursday to watch the latest episode or wait for the filler episodes to be over.

Freddy Torres said he is sad to see the series end.

“ I feel like my childhood is over because I grew up watching Naruto and have kept up with the anime till this day,” he said. “And now, it’s over. I just hope they make a sequel for Naruto’s son.”

While Naruto is just an anime the character taught, and inspired people, like senior Alex Moreno.

“He’s an inspiration to anyone who has kept up with the series,” Moreno said. “He teaches us the virtues of not giving up, loving yourself, not caring what anyone thinks of you, and following your dreams no matter how hard the road to achieve them may be.”