House of Torment raises the bar even higher with new haunts

With double the size comes double the amount of horror

Mary Griffis, Entertainment Editor

For years now House of Torment has been filling their halls with screams but this year the bar is being raised.

Courtesy House of Torment
House of Torment is now introducing three new haunts: The Frenzy, Dawn of Fear, and Graveside Manor, making the fright house a total 40,000 square feet. With that much space there is a ton of room for many more screams of terror and tears from the timid.

Before you enter any attraction the House of Torment you should realize that these are not for the faint of heart. You may think you’re up to the challenge, but you won’t truly know until you’re face to face with a chainsaw wielding clown or some other pee-in-your-pants inducing sight. The company wants you to be safe so if you have any mental or physical ailments don’t attend until you are prepared to be so scared until you are possibly on your knees.

In the first haunt you’ll enter, Dawn of Fear, a virus has broken out and Central Texas is under attack. The seemingly indestructible zombies roam and terrorize the area searching for the one thing that can satisfy them — human flesh. Only a few people are still alive at the local hospital working tirelessly trying to find a cure while still fighting for their lives. You and your friends have to try and escape or else you’ll become fresh meat for the undead.

Are you prepared to face your deepest fears? In the next attraction, “The Frenzy,” you have to. As the description says The Frenzy will “bring you to your knees.” You’ll encounter psychopathic clowns, dreadful humanoids, and maniacal beasts each determined to scare you until you’re huddled in a ball in the corner. You can try and escape, but you will have to do so in complete darkness or you will never wake up from this nightmare.

The last — but definitely not least — is Graveside Manor. Just east of town lies Graveside Manor on Ridgepoint Drive. Many people have gone missing behind its walls but no one knows why or what the property’s past is and certainly not what lies beneath it. While the building has been abandoned for decades people still claim to see an old feeble woman moving among the shadows. The mysteries surrounding the manor have led the daring to a search for clues. But those who are looking for answers are met with a “dreadful fate.” Only you and those who are willing to enter are left with the task of uncovering the secrets unless you fall into the darkness and then your eventual death.

Now all these Halloween style scares are cool and all but there is more to the House of Torment than just that. The haunted house offers more than just the traditional style haunts, they offer special occasional events like Blackout and Valentine X.

Hopefully, you’re prepared to try and escape a maze full of monsters equipped with night vision while you and your friends only have a measly glowstick, between all of you. In Blackout, that’s all you get. You may think a glowstick isn’t much light but try to escape without one. Monsters roam around you while you frantically try to find your way out and those who are determined to watch you suffer are going to steal that little light you have. While having a group is helpful not everyone stays together. People get lost or even separated subtracting time from the already short clock. If you can’t make it or you are too scared to finish it the only way to escape is with a secret password.

Prepare for Butcher Bear’s message to be even deadlier in Valentine X. Butcher Bear hasn’t been seen in many years and people have started to copy his murderous actions and creating their own. At the House of Torment you and your date will come face to face with the real Butcher Bear, his gang of copycats, and his lovely chainsaw, while you try and enjoy a candlelit dinner.

With this many attractions, people from all over can see why the House of Torment has acquired so many awards and has had so many people pass through their halls. They have so many people who put in so much hard work and those who venture into the experiences they offer can see why. This isn’t just your average haunted house it’s the House of Torment where your fears come to life and where you come to make new ones.