Popular band regains fans after release of singles

Twenty One Pilots’ recent music releases leave fans excited ahead of album


Anneliese Olivo, Entertainment Editor

After Twenty One Pilots’ 2015 tour for their, album BlurryFace called “Emotional Roadshow” and the long radio silence following, many fans fell off or stopped keeping up with the band, however, the quality of the recent singles is enough to win back the fans that loved their music before.

The first album generated a large cult following, and that kind of attention was hard to maintain without the release of new material. Since July, however, Twenty One Pilots has been releasing singles and music videos for their upcoming album Trench. The singles have been “Jumpsuit,” “Nico and the Niners,” “Levitate” and “My Blood,” which was the only single released without a music video.

The song “Jumpsuit” has the traditional Tyler Joseph scream at the 3:26 mark. The song’s music video shows us that the album’s color scheme has moved from the previous black and red to black and yellow. The visuals and actions in this video have made fans go crazy with theories hoping to and some idea of what this video means, as they did for many videos from BlurryFace.

In the music video for “Nico and the Niners,” we see Tyler meeting up with a group of people in yellow jumpsuits when Josh Dun and Tyler Joseph do the handshake that became famous in the video for the BlurryFace single “Stressed Out.”

Following the release of “Levitate,” in which Joseph raps for an entire 2 minutes, it becomes clear that each of the music videos from this year leads into one another. We see people shaving Joseph’s head as we saw in the video from “Car Radio.” The video ends with Joseph being dragged away by the neck. Who dragged him away? Where are they taking him and why? The fans are currently trying to figure this out, and have developed many theories regarding it. The single “My Blood” starts off slow, with a nice flow to it. Later in the song, the tempo picks up and becomes more of a danceable song.

Compared to the band’s old songs from previous albums the sound and genre still seem to be the same, but the story’s plot within the songs and videos are different but in a good way. Though the band has been inactive for a few years, these singles and videos are definitely enough to recapture the interest of old and new fans of the group.

I highly recommend that you buy and listen to the Twenty One Pilots’ Trench album which was released on October 5.