Little-known artist plays intimate show, pleases fans


Anneliese Olivo

Jeremy Zucker performs his song “Desire” at the Parish music venue in downtown Austin in October. Zucker has signed with Republic Records and is now getting ready for his major label debut.

Anneliese Olivo, Entertainment Editor

Jeremy Zucker is not very well-known in popular music but has developed a cult following among fans.

Jeremy Zucker, who grew up in New Jersey, started producing music using Garageband software when he was in middle school. Once he got into high school, he became a member of a band that was called “Foreshadows.” He currently has four EPs called Motions, Glisten, Idle, and Summer. Zucker is currently on tour for his “Summer” and “Glisten” albums.

From an interview Zucker had with he says that an artist named Blackbear is one of his strongest influences. Coincidentally, Blackbear did a remix of Zucker’s song “Heavy” and was made into a song that Blackbear put out called “Make Daddy Proud.” About a year later, Zucker made a song in which Blackbear featured called “Talk Is Overrated.”

Zucker has signed with Republic Records and is now getting ready for his major label debut. Being a fan of Zucker, I bought tickets for his show. As soon as I walked into the Parish I felt an instant chill vibe. The setting was perfect for an Indie-Pop genre type of concert. For Zucker being a not very well known artist, it was a shock to me that there was a room full of people there to see him — a majority of those people had been young adults and older, but some only being teenagers.

Once Zucker stepped onto the stage I could automatically feel the sudden change of feeling traveling around the room. Throughout the entire show, the lighting and fog went very well with each song that Zucker had performed.

With the concert coming to an end Zucker had left the stage leaving us all to think that it was over. When suddenly his drummer come back on stage and started to play. Soon after we see Zucker come back on stage and the crowd went wild. He had sung a few more songs before ending the show with his song “Ghosts” that was on his Idle EP.

After the show I felt alive; I felt as if I had accomplished something big and I did. I had got to see one of my favorite musical artists perform live right in front of me.

Seeing him in concert was a dream come true since I had been listening to his music for so long. I know Zucker fans and I am excited to see what music he will release in the future. Once that happens I would love to see Zucker in concert again and see where the road takes him as an artist.