Fans excited for release of latest installment of Metro game series


Andres Ramirez, Staff Writer

It’s time to jump back into the metro with the upcoming release of Metro Exodus on Feb.15.

The game contains never seen before features like maps and more modifications that has fans excited.

In this game, players will revisit the world of Metro under the post-apocalyptic ruin of Moscow as Artyom embarks on a new journey. The game will continue the events of Metro in a new light. For the first time, players will experience the world beyond the ruins of Moscow into the unknown, exploring vast sandbox levels as they journey across post-apocalyptic Russia.

For those that don’t know, Metro Exodus is a first-person shooter video game developed by 4A Games and published by Deep Silver. This cinematic narrative-driven game will offer players a unique experience as they make decisions that affect the plot. Following the series, this new game offers many new features never seen before in its previous games. Some of these new features range from a new revamped weapons system with more weapon modification to new enemies ranging to new human factions, mutants, and animals that don’t hesitate to rip players apart.

From what we heard the plot for Metro Exodus takes place throughout a calendar year as the player experiences new seasons. Time passes with each season bringing new obstacles and experiences like the warmness of spring to the heat of summer to the cooling of autumn, and finally back to the harshness of winter. With the coming of each season, you get to meet new factions and new creature as you dive deeper into the plot.


In Metro Exodus, players are introduced to many new factions that had appeared after the war. Some will be allies while others will be your enemies.

During the winter season players are introduced to the “Hanza” faction which resides in the metro systems. After years of bloody civil war between the fascist of Reich and communist of the redline became the dominant group in the metro. They remained as a relatively benign presence that values commerce and social freedoms while maintaining a natural alliance with the elite spartan order who still maintain the peace in the metro.

In the spring we meet another faction known as the Fanatics who reside near Volga River. This group has a belief that technology was to blame for mankind’s fall and by only rejecting the will they be saved. Along with their strange leader, they also seem to worship some powerful beast that lurks under the water. And also resting around the river are groups of bandits who while are at peace with each other, won’t hesitate to attack you.

With the coming of summer, we find the Fire Worshipers of the desert who seem to be the top dog of their feudal society. This faction whose name comes from their cult called “Holly Flame”. They carried themselves with high aplomb and show little to no care for their opponents’ humanity.

And now in the final season, Autumn, we meet the final faction known as The Children of the Forest. As the name implies they were originally a group of children who were stated in a scout camp when the war erupted. Raised by their camp master they become highly adaptive to surviving this wilderness and don’t seem to take kindly to an unwelcome guest.


With exploration comes danger as you find mutated wildlife that roams the wasteland. In addition to the mutants of the last game, we are introduced to some new ones such as the “humanimals” who seem to be a mutated version of humans. There is also the “Nosalises,” which are known for being fast. And it’s not just mutants you have to worry about, but also other humans who will surely be blocking your way.

With all of these new features, fans of Metro Exodus are excited to see on Feb. 15 if all of the work put into this game, holds up to their promises.