Anthem excites fans with open world discovery


Ash Catalan

One of four Javelins players will be able to control

Josh Guerrero, Staff Writer

Anthem is an upcoming open world, multiplayer, action RPG game set in the future, where humanity is on the brink of collapse. Players take on the role of humans piloting exosuits called “javelins” to get back the “Dominion,” a faction of humans that desire to subjugate all of humanity under their rule. To accomplish this goal, the Dominion seeks to harness an unknowable force and source of pure creation called the “Anthem of Creation” and turn it into a weapon that could wipe out the Earth-like planet of Anthem.


Players known as Freelancers work to defend the planet from anything that can pose a threat in their suits which can be customized and upgraded throughout the game. The javelins that the players take control of each have unique abilities and playstyles. There are currently four types of javelins: Storm, Interceptor, Ranger, and Colossus. This is perfect because most of the missions will have a max of four players. Players will use all sorts of futuristic weapons to take on the many monsters of Anthem along with their javelins.

Anthem can be played solo, but many are excited because it is shared world, meaning you can play with other people who have their own javelins. Players can explore the massive world of Anthem, fly through clouds and encounter a huge monster to take on with friends. The shared world format expands the replayability of the game because the unique combination of javelins provides hundreds of combinations of abilities and weapons to explore and battle.

Game Content

Anthem is an open world game, so players can go out, explore the world and find new monsters, gear, and rewards. This works well with the javelins because they give you the ability to fly, providing the thrilling experience of soaring around a world with friends, discovering caves and dens full of monsters and things to take down. Although the game hasn’t been released yet, any gamer who enjoys flying around like Iron Man in a customizable suit while exploring a planet full of monsters and aliens should enjoy Anthem. The bits and pieces about Anthem posted online are tantalizing for gamers who enjoy this kind of game. Currently, the only thing close for comparison is Destiny, which is one of my favorite games.

Destiny, which also allows players to explore worlds with friends and take down huge monsters with space weapons, was wonderful but there’s only so much you can before you simply run out of things to kill or places to explore before it gets boring and bland. To combat this problem Destiny gave players a week to level up before resetting challenges.

This was fun to a point, but it could feel repetitive. Many are wondering if Anthem will also use this type of system or if the developers will implement a new way to keep players on their toes during their entire time playing.

Bioware Background

Anthem is made by Bioware, a video game developer who has made some pretty amazing games that have been praised very highly but they also have had some pretty bad games with very low ratings, which is interesting. Bioware is responsible for games like the Dragon Age series along with Dragon Age Inquisition, which I played and enjoyed very much. Star Wars: The Old Republic is another.

They also made the Mass Effect games, which were very successful with many saying they are a must play. But recently they released Mass Effect Andromeda which was a complete fail and nearly made them bankrupt since they funneled all their resources and time into making the game and it wasn’t good at all, having many problems and failing overall. Anthem is seen by some as the company’s last resort to bring them back to what they were before. The gamer community is watching to see if Anthem will be the game to redeem Bioware. Since Anthem is unlike anything that they have ever made before, people are a bit skeptical, but Bioware has stated that Anthem is unlike anything ever made before. We’ll just have to wait and see for now.

The Verdict

I’m very excited for Anthem and I feel like many others are to especially ones who thought Destiny was amazing because this has the potential to be even more better than Destiny if it is as good as it looks and everything Bioware and EA could have another hit on their hands. I’m sure my friends and I along with many many others could easily spend hundreds of hours playing this game that would bring back the joy of playing Destiny for the first time. I really believe that this game will be a success and I encourage everyone who thinks flying around a world in a futuristic suit exploring lands killing monsters sounds even remotely interesting to give this game a shot.

I played the demo during one of the weekends that the game was available to players to try out and I absolutely loved it. I can’t stress how much joy I had playing. Even though we were only able to play a few missions and explore only a little, my friends and I enjoyed every bit of it. During our time we flew around the sky then dove underwater and took down huge stone titans, it was amazing each of us having our own javelins and abilities to use how we want. The satisfaction of being able to simply jump up and fly anywhere is a feeling I’ve never had in any other game before simply because no other game has given players the ability to just fly and explore to the extent that Anthem does. It’s everything we’ve been waiting for and expecting and I can’t wait for the full game to be released.