Luke’s Last Resort For Fame: The Last of Us Throwback Review


Illustration by Luke Sepulveda with image from Sony Computer Entertainment

Looking for something fun and frightening? Then lets take a blast to the recent past

Luke Sepulveda, Staff Writer

Gamers looking for something fun and frightening should take a journey into the recent past where we’ll find the classic game The Last of Us.

This survival/horror game is a 3rd person zombie shooter released on the PS3 on June 14, 2013. Instead of the traditional walking, resurrected corpses we’ve come to know and love, the enemy is a fungus-based virus.

The gameplay is solid and the stealth sections are very riveting and very satisfying to pull off. One section, in particular, requires you to dart around and take cover behind any concealing object as you try to avoid and kill raiders and zombies attempting to kill you. You do so by throwing bricks or bottles, shiving them in the backs or strangling them. There is also a quicker alternative, Molotov cocktails, but stealth kills are cooler to pull off in my opinion.

Overall, I give the gameplay a score of 10/10.

The story takes place in a post-apocalyptic future set 20 years after a zombie virus ravaged the globe. The player in the game is a survivor of the virus, named Joel who escorts a young girl named Ellie across the rugged American landscape. While the story has a few cliches, is executed very well with some very heart-wrenching scenes.

One scene in particular in the prologue features our protagonist (Joel) clutching his daughter in his arms as she takes her last pain-filled breaths we then see Joel begin to sob as he clutches his dead daughter. Every character is fully fleshed out and developed perfectly. However the plot is hurt by basic cliches, but the beautiful writing makes up for this.

My score for the plot is a 9.5/10

The graphics, while still not perfect are much better on the remastered PS4 version than on the original PS3 version. The resolution is improved, and the overall the whole game looks smoother. However, the graphics still aren’t perfect and the game obviously doesn’t look as crisp and as smooth as more recent titles. However, the graphics still aren’t perfect and the game obviously doesn’t look as crisp and as smooth as more recent titles. Take Red Dead Redemption 2 for example,

that game looks absolutely beautiful, the lighting is superb and there sections of the game that almost look real. Last of Us achieves that, but not like Red Dead. 

My score for graphics is 8/10. 

While the PS3 of The Last of Us doesn’t have much replayability, the PS4 version includes the Left Behind downloadable content that delves into Ellie’s past. There is also a multiplayer mode that includes eight maps so there is some replayability. Personally, I would replay the story all over again.

I give it’s lasting appeal a score of 8.5/10.

I highly recommend this game. It has a great story, great characters, excellent gameplay, beautiful visuals and leaves you wanting more. I know I do, and If you love this game as I do, then you’ll be excited to hear that sequel is dropping hopefully this year.

My final overall score for the game is 9/10.