Is My Chemical Romance making a comeback?

Recent Instagram posts and leaks via Amazon are leaning towards the possibility of this dream becoming a reality


Javier Arellano, Section Editor

Whip out your old band posters and dust off your band merch because My Chemical Romance has just teased a possible reunion album.

After six long years since the band’s split, MCR has recently started posting screenshots of strange icons with what appear to be song titles via their Instagram story. Fans quickly began speculating as to what this all meant with some thinking a reunion might be in the works.

Other fans were skeptical as to whether or not this was a reunion teaser seeing as fans were fooled years prior when the band released a cryptic video on the 10th year anniversary of their 3rd LP The Black Parade. Fans were quickly disappointed when they found it this was only a teaser for an anniversary re-release of the album that included a couple of never before released demos.

My Chemical Romance

You might be asking, how do we know if we’re just over speculating these posts, what if they’re not planning a reunion? We thought the exact same thing but thanks to what seems to be an accidental leak via Amazon Music’s Facebook Page, it seems like this is really happening.

The post read, “WE ARE NOT OKAY (WE PROMISE)… My Chemical Romance is officially back together, and we cannot wait to see what the band has in store!” Could they be as excited as us and just assumed these posts mean a reunion is in the works? Maybe. But then, the final piece of the puzzle was put into play; My Chemical Romance themselves announced a show in Los Angeles later this year.

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