Louisiana rappers are overlooked in the rap game


Courtesy of NBA Youngboy

Louisiana rapper Kentrall Desean Gaulden, known for his stage name Nba Youngboy performs “Never Broke Again”. This was at the JMBLYA music festival that was held in Fair Park, Dallas, Texas.

Jaime Rios, Staff Writer

While the sound of the southern hip hop has traditionally been dominated by artists coming out of Atlanta and Houston, there is a third city that should be on the radar of any rap fan.

Artists like Lil Baby, Gunna, Young Thug, and Gucci Mane from Atlanta are rappers that tend to get the most attention, but the artists coming out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana are producing some music that will likely soon take over the rap scene.

Louisiana has a new sound where the artist mix rapping with singing and listeners are going crazy over it. A few artists that have already gained notoriety are Kevin Gates, Nba Youngboy, Jaydayoungan, and Boosie Badazz. These artists have put Louisiana on the map and creating their own unique sound that other artists imitate, but can’t pull off.

Parts of Baton Rouge have high rates of poverty and crime, making them tough places to grow up and live in. All artists grow up too early, saying that they were too young to feel the pain they were feeling. These artists lost family and even grew up in an environment where selling drugs and robbing was normal.

These artists are not afraid to rap or sing about their pain, letting listeners relate to this music. AI Youngboy 2, Misunderstood, and I’m Him are three new projects that these artists put out for me.

I’ve been a Nba Youngboy fan forever so I would recommend AI Youngboy 2 to listen to first. He told the YouTube channel Mass Appeal that his music is inspired by his upbringing in Baton Rouge.

“Growing up in Baton Rouge was a challenge. It’s all about staying alive. There’s no hiding from gun violence, ain’t no living out there it’s either live or die,” he said in the YouTube interview.

“What makes me stand out is I got my own swagger and I came in the game with my money right and I got my own style no one can copy or gimmick it,” said Kevin Gates.

“My sound is so different because people don’t just listen to me for the beat they listen for the lyrics they like what I have to say,” says Jaydayoungan.

Lil Boosie says in Baton there’s nothing but him and he got deeper into the streets whenever his dad passed away when Boosie was 14. “I got tired of seeing my mom struggling by herself so I got up o my ass and made something happen.”

As you can tell these artists have been through trials and tribulations and hell and back give these artists a chance I promise you won’t regret it you’ll feel the pain in there lyrics and sound.