Stranger Things is Leaving Dead By Daylight

Dead By Daylight is a horror strategy game, and it’s fitting for Stranger Things to join up with Dead By Daylight, but now Netflix is taking the license away from Dead By Daylight on November 17, 2021.

In my opinion, this is kind of kinda sad because we won’t get any more content for Stranger Things, and for the newer players they don’t get to play as the Stranger Things characters, they can only see other players play as them and have the enjoyment of playing them.Is this going to hurt Dead By Daylight,? You may ask. No, I believe it won’t because Dead By Daylight is big enough and it has so many licenses, and there is more to come soon. For example, like the latest license character the Cenobite ( Pinhead ) from HellRaiser.

I can say that a good thing about this license removal is that the map Hawkins from Stranger Things for Stranger Things Hawkins is being removed and I like that. That map was so bad for survivors, some killers, and silent killers were the best way to play that map for survivors, and some killers, silent killers, were the best way to play that map.

One more thing I should add was this D.L.C. this DLC DLC cash- grab or not?. I think it is not a cash grab because Behaviour did a really good job working on the characters especially the Demogorgon, his animations and everything about him look good and we can’t forget that Steve and Nancy were good as well.

Overall the license removal doesn’t really hurt the game, but it’s sad it sucks that Stranger Things is leaving and this DLC was not a cash grab. Behavior did an amazing job working on these characters.