MCU fans left with mixed reactions to the She-Hulk show


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Megan Thee stallion does a cameo in episode three of She Hulk

She-Hulk is a new television series on Disney plus revolving around the character Jen and her life after being transformed into She-Hulk. The show overall is a fun, creative, comedy series that has multiple cameos connecting many different characters and timelines evolving the series.

The first episode begins with Jen talking about a case she’s working on, before explaining how she became She-Hulk with a flashback in typical marvel fashion. Apparently, after a car accident she was in with her cousin Bruce, AKA The Hulk, his blood got into her wound, giving her the power to become She-Hulk. Fortunately, she didn’t die due to radiation poisoning from the Hulk’s blood, as they’re related.

The show features many cameos, the most notable being Wong. Wong is a character well known in the Marvel universe, originally introduced in Doctor Strange. Wong’s character is a bit more complex in this show than in the movies he’s appeared in.

His personality shines more when he’s sarcastic or making jokes, as he has more screen time here than in his past movies. One of Wong’s funniest moments would definitely be when he was a part of helping Jen’s case for the Abomination.

In this episode, the Abomination was trying to get parole after being arrested, with Jen in charge of the case. It was going well until footage of the Abomination was shown of him escaping jail. This jail break was actually mentioned in Shang Chi, connecting this to the series.

Wong made another cameo, when one of his ex-student’s who was learning magic from him left before finishing training to become a magician. The ex-student sent people to other dimensions, leaving them stranded during his magician act and leaving Wong in charge of rescuing them. This lead him to hire Jen as his lawyer to stop his ex-student from doing any more harm, which made for a comedic episode.

A cameo that’s not as big would be Megan thee Stallion. Megan thee Stallion cameoed in an episode of the series revolving around a fairy from Asgard catfishing a man named Denis. In the third episode.

Marvel doesn’t typically break the fourth wall, but this show enjoys breaking this rule. The first occurrence of this was in the first episode.this type of fourth wall breaking makes for funny scenarios, for example, in an episode she blatantly tells the audience she knows it’s her show, and that it isn’t just meant to be a cameo show for other super heroes. Many characters acknowledge that she’s breaking the fourth wall, such as when she commented something about the hulk to the audience in front of him. Of course, he didn’t hear what she said, but acknowledged that she did say something.

The show also includes a variety of easter eggs. At the end of episode 5, Jen goes to a secret superhero clothes designer to help her make outfits that allow her to switch back and forth between both forms. At the end however, they show Daredevil’s mask, a character that hasn’t been shown nor talked about for a while in the MCU. This show is trying to canonize more characters to the franchise.

I believe She-Hulk Overall is pretty good. I enjoyed the humor and the cameos in this show. Although it has its weak points, the show picks itself up pretty quickly. Many fans most likely expected this show to be a cool, action packed, typical Marvel show. However, it disappointed many fans as it had more of a focus on comedy. Although it wasn’t an action filled Marvel show, I still found enjoyment in it.

This show is very faithful to the comic version of She-Hulk, such as the fact she didn’t want to be a superhero and instead wanted to keep working as a lawyer. Some things can be improved upon, such as more serious plot lines, but those are most likely going to come as the series goes on. Overall, I found this show pretty enjoyable despite its uniqueness compared to other Marvel shows. I.think She-Hulk is worth giving a chance, it could surprise you.