For Honor takes the gaming world by storm

Game set in medieval times gains surprising popularity

For Honor takes the gaming world by storm

Jordan Rouse and Marcelo Cruz

Honor. Glory. These words are what guide the characters in the new action multi-player game For Honor as they fight through medieval times to to become the dominant faction among three. Vikings, Samurai, and Knights.

For Honor has an astounding campaign that swaps through different characters to learn how to play as all of them. Starting out as the Warden, you travel through a dark and desolate world, focusing more on inter-clan warfare, between smaller sects of the Knights. This is where you will first meet Apollyon, warlord of the Blackstone Legion, a band of collected Knights through the land.

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After you go through the story, jump into the multiplayer for intense battles between one of several choices. If you want multiple enemies, jump into one of the four v.s. four modes. There’s Dominion, where you will fight for control of three different points while keeping your enemies minions from capturing a point in the middle, and Domination, a mode that is pure combat with different buffs scattered around the map to assist you in your fights. If you want more personal fights, jump into the Duel or Brawl modes. Duel is just as it sounds, a one versus one fight to the death over three rounds, and Brawl, a two versus two mode where you can face your opponents head on, or fall back and work with your teammate to defeat them.

But, aside the fighting is the Territory War, a cross platform battle of resources where you will deploy assets to different sections of land, either defending or attacking. The winning faction gets a bonus at the end of the turn of the war. One thing you’ll receive in this bonus is Steel, the game’s currency. Use this to purchase new heroes, or scavenge for gear to upgrade a character you already own.

For Honor brings a new light to the action multiplayer genre, and presents an aspect that nobody would have expected to become as popular as it has. The game released Feb. 14th of this year, and is 60 dollars on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.