Amusing Events and Workshops at GoGames 360

A mother and her two children enjoy playing COD Black OPS 2 Zombies in the Rolling Video Games truck. The truck carries 4 TV screens and holds up to 16 players

Matthew Rocha, Photo Editor

Unlike many other gaming conventions, Go Games 360 had something for everyone. The three-day event held at an obstacle course near McKinney Falls in late October showcased anime, video games and physical activities. Family friendly events were available for all, ranging from a Magic Camp booth to Lego Workshops and, of course, video games.

The entertainment offerings included dancing, musical electronic performances, and an anime orchestra ensemble.

In the physical game area they had BMX bike tracks for anyone to ride and do tricks and have friendly competitions. There were also bouncing house for kids to play in while they wait their turn to ride. For fans of board games there were tents with tables to have a friendly Pokemon card battle or fight goblins and dragons in Dungeons and Dragons.

For those more into video games, there were tents and a trailer full of various consoles to play against friends.