HOPE Outdoor Gallery at Castle Hill forced to new place

Marcelo Cruz, Co-Photo Editor

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The popular graffiti park at the Hope Outdoor Gallery on Castle Hill in downtown Austin will soon be moved 30 minutes away near the Austin Airport by the end of June. J.B. Cumby Construction will demolish the graffiti park at Castle Hill, and it is unclear yet as to what will take its place; however, the company is known for its multifamily and commercial developments around the Austin area.

is concrete playground has been a hotspot for gra ti artists since 2011. e land was deserted and forgotten about until local gra ti art- ists started tag the area and paint giant pictures on the exposed walls. People would spray paint amazing art, and then soon after someone else would come along and paint something new on the same canvas. With artists expressing themselves and painting what comes from the heart it’s not a big surprise that this spot became famous in downtown Austin.

People not only go to paint. Hundreds of people visit everyday to take sel es and group photos next to the art covered walls.

“I went to take photos for fun and it was really great, it makes me really mad that they are demolishing it. The spray paint gallery is one of the things that makes Austin, Austin,” junior Chance Burrow said.

The new location is located at Carson Creek Ranch by the airport. It is currently under construction and is expected to be finished around the end of 2018. e new location will be a long car ride because of how far it is, which will make it harder for artists to get there. e new space will be approximately 48,570 feet, with plenty of walls for artists to express themselves with their paintings.

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