Top 5 Dumbest TikTok Challenges


Christian Chavez, Staff Writer

Milkcrate challenge

One of the most recent TikTok challenges that took storm, was when people would make a stack of milk crates shaped into a pyramid shape, and try to walk across it. The milk crate challenge became dangerous when people would fall from tall heights and hurt themself or just fall on top of the crates and cut themselves too. It became a major challenge/trend where people would make neighborhood contests and have people come out to do the dangerous challenge.

Devious lick challenge

Devious lick challenge is the current trend circulating where students steal school supplies or equipment and taunt it on social media. This so-called devious lick challenge has gotten out of hand as we have students taking entire sinks and even toilet bowls and just many other random items at school. We’ve had it happen here at Akins where kids are vandalizing school restrooms and trying to steal anything they find even paper towel dispensers making it hard for students to wash their hands

Spin the bottle and run challenge

As it sounds in the name what people would do was stand in a circle and spin a bottle, whoever the bottle landed on was it and everyone else has to run. When the challenge started, it wasn’t that dangerous all it was is whoever the bottle landed on that person had to try and hit a runner with a water balloon. Over time it started to escalate as people started to use things other than water balloons which were more dangerous and bizarre. We went from water balloons to chasing people with cars and using paintball guns and even letting dogs loose on the runners.

Throw it in the air challenge

The throw it in the air challenge was a challenge where people would stand in a circle and had many random items that they would throw in the air. What made this challenge dangerous and dumb was when it escalated and got more and more dangerous as people started throwing bigger things into the air which was causing injuries. It wasn’t as bad when it was just soccer balls and other small items like a water bottle but when people started throwing ladders it crossed the dumb line.

The blackout challenge

A challenge like the pass-out challenge which is essentially the same, all it was is this dumb challenge where kids would try to pass out and wake up right after. They would either hold their breath until they passed out or would choke themselves, this was utterly dumb and dangerous. I don’t know what the goal of the challenge was exactly but I know that it was all just for TikTok fame.

The reason is TikTok has gotten many people famous and popular during these past years mostly due to pandemic, and the reason that many people do these crazy and dumb TikTok challenges are solely to get famous and get their follower count up.