Eagle Vogue: Exploring the fashion choices of Akins staff

Daily outfits give students a glimpse into the personalities and personal lives of their teachers

Ashley Sanchez, Life & Style Editor

Students are naturally curious about their teachers, and they take notice when they wear something other than the typical khaki pants, button-up shirt or blouse.

Like most working professionals, teachers can get too busy to fret too much about the way they dress. However, that doesn’t mean that teachers have to wear bland outfits.

For example, English teacher Ebone Zamarron is known for her “cyclist” style, reflecting her hobby of riding BMX bikes with her friends.

Zamarron is often called a hipster because of the way she dresses, but she doesn’t see herself that way. Instead, her focus is on dressing to impress without breaking the bank.

“I dress in what’s comfortable and what I can move in and what makes me feel like myself,” Zamarron said.

Even though many kids would say she dresses as a hipster she could easy fit in what we call the Austin look.

“I look for affordability and just what goes with my personality,” Zamarron said.

Zamarron buys most of her wardrobe from the GAP and buys t-shirts that are around $5 to $10. She likes a lot of band t-shirt and outfits that are cute and cheap that really bring out her personality. One staple piece that she really likes is her jean vest with a print logo from the Austin skateboard shop No Comply.

Math teacher Derek Hamm said he also looks for affordability and what he calls “traditional styles.” “I have a lot of free stuff. A free wardrobe is important,” Hamm said.

He also expressed that he doesn’t think his style is unique. He typically e wears a t-shirt and jeans. He said the most expensive item he buys are shoes. Hamm said the most he has spent on a pair of shoes is on his Chuck Taylor shoes, which cost about $50.

Hamm also shares that his tattoos and music do play a huge role in his style.

“Music has always been part of who I am and now with my tattoos that pay tribute to some of my favorite musical artists they’re part of my look as well,” Hamm said.

His favorite clothing item is his City Sports t-shirt which he got from Goodwill.