Facing The Giant

One students battle to overcome Asthma

Diego Hernandez

As a child I was always energetic. All I ever wanted to do was play games or swim in our family’s pool. I was the type of kid who will do anything until he gets what he wants. I guess you could’ve called me a brat.

But honestly living in Monterrey, Mexico was awesome. Me and my brother used to go outside and play with the neighborhood kids. Or just walk to the market and buy some snacks with the money we took from our mom. Yeah, I was kind of a devil child but a cute one. But during those times, I had lots of problems breathing and even eating.

“When you were born you were in the hospital for little over a week because your lungs didn’t develop well. That’s why you were always diagnosed with asthma,” said my mom.

Even before I was 1 year old, my parents knew I had a problem breathing. My symptoms like constant coughing or a shortness of breath only became worse . One day I just completely couldn’t breathe. My parent’s rushed me to the hospital and waited until I got checked up. I was seen by the doctor and then later given shots and medicine to help me get better. I was required to spend the night there. The doctors saw how bad I was struggling to breathe so they performed many treatments.

“Apparently, the doctor believed that if your tonsils were removed with surgery, that the breathing problems would go away,” my mom said. “They performed the surgery when you were a year and a half old and the asthma got worse.”

It was a rough time for me. I was in the hospital for over a week so I could recover. My mother went through so much for me.

I feel very relieved knowing that you are doing really well. That you were strong during those times and now are doing what you love.”

— Mirthala Rodriguez

“This made me feel very stressed because I didn’t have time to work and take care of your brother,” she said. “I basically left my career but I’m still very happy.”

As I got older around the age of 3 or 4 I was back in the hospital going through some very strong procedures.

“The doctors gave you very strong medicines. They also gave you a treatment on where the doctor hit your chest multiple times to get the bad stuff out your system,” she said.

My mom said that I was basically in every hospital in Monterrey, Mexico. That I was mainly treated at the hospitals where it cost a good amount of money.

The medical staff said that as I got older, I would get better. My lungs would develop and become stronger. They were right because now I’m 15 years old. I participate in many running sports including from track & field and soccer. I started participating in these sports to prove that I can’t let my asthma hold me back. That I could be a normal kid and face my giant.

I’ve learned that in life we all go through certain problems and obstacles but it’s our job to keep moving forward — to keep fighting and to overcome our giant.