Try setting a SMART goal for 2021 to stay motivated


Natalie Faith Rodriguez, Staff Writer

The last year has hit everyone hard, often leaving students feeling depressed, unmotivated and off track. 

Some students feel like they don’t recognize the people they have become while living isolated for so long. It’s easy to understand why people might not be “living their best life” and hitting all of their life goals at the moment.

Although we recently started a new year and a vaccine is gradually becoming available, we are still struggling to set goals and get motivated to tackle life the way we did in the past.  But the longer we avoid setting goals the harder it will be for us to regain a positive outlook on the new year.

One way to create an obtainable goal is to use the “SMART” method, which is an acronym that stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Trackable.

The idea is to create a goal that meets each of the criteria. If you can’t answer “Yes” to each of these criteria then it is probably not a goal worth setting.

Specific means to give detail on how you should change what you were doing before. For example: if you wanted to lose weight, you would research what workouts and exercises you would do and abide by that.

Measurable means that you know you can accomplish something in a timely manner. Don’t go postponing your goal, stick to a timeframe in which you are certain you are going to be successful.

Attainable means to go for something within your comfort zone. You should never do something in which you are going to lose your motivation. Think like Goldilocks and find a goal that feels just right.

Realistic means to do goals that you know are possible. Yes, you can always be able to do the impossible, but you have to make sure you are not hoping for something you know will not come true.

Trackable means to write down what the steps you are taking to accomplish this goal of yours. It’s always best to know what you are doing each step of the way so it becomes easier to fit into your everyday life schedule. 

This year, we will set the bar as high as we can because we know that we will reach it. Things will change. You will be your best self as long as you are motivated and confident, and then you will accomplish anything. So 2021, whatever you have to bring to us this year, we will not be pushed down like last year, but be stronger than we ever were. Don’t forget you can track your progress over time.