EE Recommends: Anti-Valentine’s Day celebration ideas

Shay Darroux-Edwards, Social Media Editor

The Eagle’s Eye has you covered for fun fresh ideas for an Anti-Valentine’s Day celebration. This Valentine’s Day, EE wants all our lonely folks to have a good single time.


Create an eerie atmosphere to summon your ghost SO. Grab your friends candles, incense, ouija board, and pictures to welcome your ghost friend to feel less lonely this Valentine’s day.


Like Valentine’s Day but for your friends. Take your closest friends out for dinner shower them in gifts. It’s all about your pals.

Swing at an anti-Valentine’s Day Piñata

Buy an anti- Valentines pinata from Party City and fill it with candy. Go to a park and tie it to a tree and take turns with your friends swinging. 


A great way to treat yourself. A little self-care with baking goes a long way. Grab that brownie recipe you saw on Tik Tok and pull up your favorite playlist. Baking can also double as a mini-concert.