Austin Corps meets with mayor


Members of the Akins Corp program take time for a group photo before their day long visit with members of the Austin City Council, including Mayor Lee Leffingwell.


Even though the internship portion of the Austin Corps program doesn’t begin until the spring semester, that hasn’t keep members of the team from preparing for the experience.

Last week students visited the Austin City Council chamber and had time to meet with Austin Mayor Lee Leffingwell.

“We get so much support from the campus and our kids really know that they are preparing for an exciting spring semester,” program director Linda O’Neal said.

In preparation student have already been involved in a number of areas they might work during the spring.

Students have completed a CPR training course, something that is required of all interns.

Other students have been to a local fire house and learned how to use fire hoses, while others have spent time with Homeland Security.

As part of the program, one focus this year has been the pending Presidential election, a registration drive was held at Akins. Austin Corp students registered 50 Akins students to vote.

The program is a year-long commitment for the students and is an extension of their required government courses.

To complete the program, all Austin Corps students will work directly with city staff as a part of their internship

Last year some students were so involved that they have continued their work with the city as they are continuing their education at various collegiate institutions.