Local news acknowledges campus

Mark Vallejo, Entertainment Editor

On KEYE TV, the school of the week went to none other than Akins High School. Akins grabbed the attention of the news station by the amount of choices the students can make in academies while also getting prepared for their future.
At the assembly in the gym Principal Daniel Girard introduced the academies, some of the majors inside the academies, the choir, and the orchestra. The students got to perform and show off their talents in front of the cameras.
Sophomore Macy Whiting played the cello in the orchestra while the students were being televised.
“It was exciting,” said Whiting said. “ But it was nerve-wracking and I was so scared that I looked ugly on live TV.”
The students and teachers felt happy that they got to experience the attention of a news station to show what Akins has to offer.
“It was exciting that they showcased all the good work students are doing,” Girard said.  “I was proud that the students showed up. To see the video on the KEYE TV website felt great.”
One student was glad that their program was getting recognized on local television.
“I felt proud that we were being recognized,” junior Iris Umana said. “It was pretty exciting being on TV and I am really glad Akins has the nursing program.”
On the KEYE TV website, it says, “Akins is not a magnet school, but it offers students in the attendance zone a choice of six career academies. The goal at Akins is for students to graduate with a High School degree AND a certification in a career field.”