New locker rooms built on practice field offer many features

Coaches worried about new apartments increasing traffic near practice field


Jaden Garrion

Construction workers work on building the roof on the new bathrooms and storage building on the practice field in February.

The new multi-use building under construction on the practice field is expected to be able to use after spring break.

The building the will feature three different uses including bathrooms, storage and a concession stand.

Akins Athletic Coordinator Humberto Garza is excited because they won’t have to walk players back to the gymnasium to use the bathroom.

They will have enough storage room for practice equipment without having to walk back the gym.

Groups that use the practice field on the weekend will also be able to use it to sell concessions.

In addition to the construction that is happening on the field, there are also crews working to build a new apartment complex next to the field.

According to an article on, the apartment complex will be called Lenox Springs. It’s located between IH-35 and Old San Antonio Road, which runs along the eastern edge of campus and wraps around the practice field. Lenox Springs will be built in two phases, according to the developer: Phase 1 will create around 400 one- to three-bedroom units that will rent for $1,000 to $3,000 per month, according to the article.

Garza said he is concerned about the incoming traffic that will be caused by the construction of the new apartments that are being built around the field.