Seniors required to turn in Chromebooks on May 20


Bee Barto

Austin ISD tech support staff and volunteers help distribute laptops to Akins students on Aug. 29 in the library. The initiative provided every student with a Chromebook that they will keep until the end of their high school career.

Isaiah Castillo, Staff Writer

Q: What do I do if the Chromebook in my possession is not assigned to me?

A: Attempting to turn in a Chromebook that is not assigned to you will not get you cleared. However, sometimes this is due to an error and is not on your part. Students found with a Chromebook that isn’t assigned to them will be redirected from the queue in order to work out the issue, and will be cleared if the issue is resolved.

Q: What if my Chromebook is stolen/lost and I don’t report it within the time frame?

A: Students will be expected to pay for the stolen Chromebook or components after the one-day timeframe. No exceptions.

Q: How can I pay for my missing Chromebook and components?

A: We accept cash, check, and credit cards.

Q: Do I need to clean my Chromebook if it has stickers on it?

A: If your Chromebook has any personal stickers, you do not need to take/clean them off of the Chromebook.

Q: Will my Chromebook still be accepted if it’s damaged or broken?

A: Chromebooks that are damaged will still be accepted. However, if the Chromebook has evidence of purposeful damage (Drawing, etching, etc.) it will be deemed as vandalized and we will not accept it, and students will be expected to pay for the Chromebook.

Q: Can I turn in my Chromebook early?

A: Yes! You can turn in your Chromebook before May 20. Just head to Room 176 through the door at the end of the hall.

Q: I have to turn in my Chromebook to get my academy cord?

A: Yes. Senior Chromebook return will occur in conjunction with cord distribution on Monday. All items must be paid for or returned in order to receive a cord.