Everything you need to know about 5G


Juan Macias

The 5th Generation of wireless technology has come with a huge improvements from the last generation.

Juan Macias, Staff Writer

Phone tech is constantly evolving, leaving users always searching for the next great thing.

In 2020, phone users are anticipating the rollout of what is known as 5G wireless technology, which promises high performances, speed, and no delay.

5th generation wireless technology is the next evolution of wireless data transmission and users are looking forward to seeing how much of a difference it is, comparing it to 4G.

What are 5G and the difference between 4G and 5G?

5G is the 5th generation of wireless technology, being a more reliable source than the past generation. The speed of 5G is unbelievable, it goes about a millisecond of response and the download speed is a thousand megabits a second, basically, there wouldn’t be any lag. 4G goes about 100 milliseconds of response and the download speed is 200 megabits a second, so this should provide a large improvement when it comes to speed.

While this kind of speed increase sounds great, there could also be some downsides to 5G. 5G comes with its own radio tower that sends its own radio waves to our phones, the same thing as 4G. But the range of how far the waves can go will be about 500 meters, which will be about 5 and a half football fields. 

Keep in mind that the towers would probably be in the middle of the city. However, we might’ve found a way to increase the range of 5G. There will be small cells (polls) that will increase the range for 5G, and instead of spreading out the data it will be aiming at a certain device. 

Where can you get 5G?

5G tech is not everywhere yet. It’s only in certain areas depending on the phone service provider you have. For example, AT&T supports 5G in Austin, TX but not in Corpus Christi. So it’s best to look up the area your company supports.

Who can get 5G?

5G is basically out right now, but you can’t get it on your device. At the moment, 5G only supports 2 phones, Samsung Note 10 +, and 7T Pro McLaren. If you don’t have any of those two phones, then you can’t have 5G. The reason why you can’t get 5G on phones like the iPhone 11, is because they don’t have a certain chip that is built in to obtain 5G. iPhone will support 5G but will have to wait until the new iPhone to come out. Hopefully, it will be out in late 2020.

Is Austin getting 5G?

Yes and no, like earlier it depends on the company you have. The only companies that support 5G in Austin, TX will be T-Mobile and AT&T. As of right now, companies like Sprint and Verizon are not supporting 5G in Austin.

How much will 5G cost?

5G tech will cost the same amount of money as in LTE but only in T-Mobile. Verizon will have to pay $10 more from LTE and AT&T will be $75 per line for one month.

Why 5G can change the future

Since 5G has an enormous speed of response, it could save lives in the future. For example, we can have people from the opposite side of the country to do surgeries for the people that are needed by using robots. Cars are able to prevent accidents, factories can work faster, and use VR’s like if we were there in person. Those are some possibilities that 5G can do for the future.